Windows of Love

Windows of Lovelove, poetry, mother,


vases full of love

glow quietly in the light

windows to the soul


This photo is the view from my mother’s living room. I love how the colored vases glow and reflect the views. The image reminds me of all the love my mother has showered on her home and family. May we look gently and kindly at the world through windows of love.

PS Mom, I love you. Thanks for all you have given and done for us.


40 thoughts on “Windows of Love

  1. So beautiful and so powerful, Brad! WOW! I love glass…and those vases are just so pretty…looking out onto the world…seeing through the beautiful colors. I know you had a wonderful visit and you recharged with that energy. I know things will work out, Brad…you have to believe it because they ALWAYS DO! ❀

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      • I know, Brad. It is easy to fall out of the energy of faith. I have been projecting into the future…trying to plan…force…make things happen…because I have FEAR about certain situations. (I may post tomorrow about fear) But I know where thwre is faith there can’t be fear…and I am trying so hard to live in the present moment…make the plans that I can…but NOT TO OBSESS about things that may not even happen.
        It is not something that I think will ever be completely gone…but I pray for you to know peace in each moment!
        Sending love and understanding πŸ’œ

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