Awesome Stories 365

This week Awesome Stories bring you walking for love, the tip of time, soul food, and Earth Day.

Walking for Love

Matt Hopwood has spent years walking around the United Kingdom, collecting love stories from people he meets along the way. It started with Matt wanting to create more meaning in his life and build a base of connection and activism. After a personal revelation, he had the idea to walk around meeting people and providing them a safe space to share their stories. Matt believes (and I would agree) that love is the foundation for connection and social justice and built by sharing stories in a safe environment. This sharing of stories builds compassion, understanding, and connections across typical divides like age, race, religion, etc. This project has gone on for 7 years, during which time Matt has both shared and collected hundreds of love stories. Those stories have been crafted into a website and book called A Human Love Story to continue building connections and growing the project.

Nature’s Soul Foodnature, Awesome Stories, Earth Day

Most of us know the benefits of spending time in nature. If not, here is an article about How Nature Makes Us Healthier. Besides boosting happiness, time in nature has been shown to improve physical, mental, and emotional well being. Nature helps us reduce stress and feel connected to something bigger than ourselves. For me, time in nature is soul soothing and feels like coming home. I know my hiking and camping trips in National Parks were life-changing. Those treks gave me a new level of appreciation for the beauty, grandeur, vibrancy, and inter-connection of nature. During this Earth Day weekend, I plan to spend some time in nature, appreciating her many precious gifts. I believe the more we love and appreciate nature, the more benefits we receive. She has been very generous with me.  Thank you Mother Earth.

The Tip of Time

Everybody alive today exists at the tip of time’s arrow, at the pinnacle of Being, the highest summit of evolution. ~ Nicos Hadjicostis

In this heartfelt article, Nicos Hadjicostis reminds us of our privileged place in evolution. We as humans are at the tip of time and evolution. No matter where or when we stand, we are literally at the leading edge of time. Today, we are more advanced with more power, knowledge, and technology than any other generation, with the opportunity to bless or curse the earth for decades. Nicos has a much more optimistic perspective; that simply being at the tip of time will bring awe, responsibility, and gratitude. I see too many signs of a human world in disarray, neglect, and despair. I hope that we collectively embrace the responsibility, power, and gratitude that he speaks to in time to restore beauty and balance to the world.

May your week be full of love, beauty, and nature. Happy Earth Day!


18 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 365

  1. How sweet the piece on Walking for Love. To collect love stories like that – oh, my heart. ❤ That makes me want to do something like that for the earth – in honor of earth day. But plate is wonderfully full, so I will just have to file that thought for now. Hehe. Happy Saturday and I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Thank you for your beautiful awesome stories and I hope work continues to go well.

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  2. Love your quote on this post Brad.. as being on tip of times arrow on the pinnacle of Being.. 🙂 And yes, Nature Nurtures and Heals.. And You will find me this time of year more in Nature than anywhere else.. ❤
    Happy Earth Day Brad.. 🌷💙

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  3. Reblogged this on Anything is Possible! and commented:
    Love, nature, and love of nature lead me to re-blog these “Awesome Stories” from Brad. I related well to his experience that time in nature is “soul soothing and feels like coming home.” Let’s continue to celebrate planet Earth with gratitude and compassion.

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  4. Aw, I love that your experience of nature is like coming home, B. It’s really very sad, this whole other artificial world we’ve built in all our technological savvy. We wall ourselves in and lose connection not only with the world we’re a part of but ourselves.

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