Slam This: NaPoMo

Slam This: NaPoMo


the muse awakens#NaPoMo

time to get busy

heart’s a little dizzy

wild and free

let the poetry be

words come alive

full of jazz and jive

ideas as swords

fire in those words

could be disaster

but listen to the master

time to slam some poetry


Not bad for a 1-minute writing exercise on the prompt and music in a poetry workshop last Saturday at our Fayetteville Public Library.

This poem was inspired by the writing prompt to let the music guide our words with the instrumental version of Handlebars by FloBots. I attended the poetry performance of Slam Master Ebony Stewart and was inspired to stay for her workshop. I sure am glad I did. There was fire in the room, helped by Ebony’s raw passion and honesty. I’m inspired to be more raw, passionate, and vulnerable in my writing and life. My aim is to read some of my poetry at open mic venues and explore the idea of performing slam poetry. Watch out world!

Ebony Stewart- Warning; this is raw, honest, full of fiery words, passion, and touchy topics. Welcome to Slam Poetry!

I’m a little late to the National Poetry Month party, and that’s OK. My new improved, aka not perfectionist self is happy to participate whenever and however. I love poetry and usually create two poems a week, including this month, but haven’t tagged them. I couldn’t find a hashtag from WordPress so I guess they’re not playing along with The Academy of America. Bummer.

Write on and let your creativity flourish!


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