Change Is In The Air

Change Is In The Air!

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In reality, change is always in the air, but for the first time a long time I have some good news, or at least what I hope is good news. 🙂 I’m always mindful of the Buddhist parable about not knowing the truth of things until much later as the consequences of our choices play out. You can read more about the Buddhist parable about the power of equanimity in this article by Isabella Michaels.

So here’s my personal news (time will tell whether it’s good or bad!) I’ve accepted a full-time job for the first time in over 7 years! It’s a sales job with a digital marketing company moving into a growth phase. Although I’m starting at the bottom again, I like their company culture, values, and growth plans. I have a chance to be rewarded for both my personal and team efforts if I move back into sales management. This is an opportunity to boost my confidence, finances, contribution, and life. The last 7 years have been hard financially and emotionally. I’ve certainly faced many challenges and inner demons as I slowly crawled back with acceptance, compassion, and persistence.

On a practical level, having a full-time job will take some adjustments and it’s likely that I won’t post as often. I hope to see your loving comments and likes continue even if I post less often and experiment with the types of posts. The potency of the recent posts on “Where I’m From” has motivated me to be more creative, raw, and loose with my writing. I want to experiment with different types of writing to find what makes me feel alive and passionate about my writing, not just keep sharing what has worked to build my blog. I applaud my fellow writers for their wonderful poems based on the prompt “Where I’m From” with a special shout out to Tanya, Bojana, and Brooke for their poignant and heartfelt poems. They are clearly writing from their authentic, raw, juicy selves!

As I mentioned at the beginning of this year, I want this to be a year of zeal, or at least living more fully. Compassion reminds me that I’ve done well to dig out from the emotional and financial holes, survive, and keep moving. My intention is to thrive in 2018 and beyond by remembering the valuable lessons learned during my challenges, especially the power and necessity of connection and contribution.

Sharing the journey with people who love, respect, and understand us is what makes life beautiful. Shared joys and sorrows are so much richer. I intend to bring more of myself to this new job; daring to be as authentic, loving, compassionate, imperfect, and vulnerable as I am here on my blog. I want to make a contribution while part of a team, and thrive collectively. We really do need each other.

I continue to be grateful for our amazing community on WordPress. I’ve met so many beautiful, creative, caring people through this blogging journey. Thank you for sharing the ride by supporting, encouraging, and inspiring me to be and do more.

Thank You!


45 thoughts on “Change Is In The Air

  1. Brad, this makes me happy on so many levels. I’m so excited for your new adventure. It will undoubtedly lead to something transformative, as it seems you are ready for a shift. I told Wulf it seems most of us ‘here’ are experiencing this, on the brink of a profound change that will integrate all we have learned and are learning in a way that will allow us to reap the good, the joy that is our divine right. I’m so glad our little challenge inspired you the way it did: I think it did all of us. Just as in life, as you are showing us, we have to keep seeking out new experiences, push ourselves, take risks…that’s living, beyond just existing.
    Thank you so much for sharing your news and we look forward to hearing from you (and seeing your photos) whenever you find the time. Big hug and lots of celebratory vibes coming your way!

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    • I’m delighted that you can share in the joy Brooke. Yes, our poetry collaboration stirred the creative and emotional juices! I’m touched by your kind words and knowing that my words and actions might encourage others. At other times, you and others have inspired and pulled me up. As you mentioned, I aspire to be more real and integrated with this new job. Thank you for being part of my community and heart. Big hugs!

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  2. Right On Brad !!! Way to go..Scary stuff but exciting at the same time. Take it slow and be kind to yourself as you adapt to a new way of life. Stuff the self judgment and stay open to becoming the new you. I wish only good things for you! Stay in touch and Good Luck! VK 🙂

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  3. Oh Brad, I am so delighted that you are moving into this next phase of your BEing my friend, I am sure as we know when we follow our hearts that this job is just what you need.. And it goes without saying that we will be here for you when you find time to post..
    I am thrilled for you, and its been my privilege to be part of your journey and you mine, as we navigate this LIFE as we discover just WHO WE ARE..
    Its not always been a smooth ride I know.. But all the bumps come to strengthen us along the way..
    I know you also will develop this blog and your writing in the style you wish.. And I am certain if you keep Trusting with that Capital T.. ALL things will FLOW just as they are meant to..

    I so thank you Brad for being part of my own journey.. And I know this Change, will be a Positive change in your life that will bring both rewards and new friendships..

    Love and Blessings and have a lovely Easter weekend xxx ❤ Hugs Sue

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  4. Thank you Sue for your enthusiastic and loving support! I might need the reminders again. The first week has been a big adjustment and I’m having my doubts about this choice. I’ll give it my best and see what unfold and do my best to trust the process. Hugs and Easter blessings… ❤


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