Awesome Stories 360

This week Awesome Stories brings you resiliency, fantastical fun, and the mushroom kid.

Thriving with Resiliency

Resiliency is a hot topic in both the personal growth and environmental circles. Our ability to adapt is becoming more important than ever in the rapidly changing and often chaotic world. Dr. Andrea Dinardo is a teacher, author, and passionate advocate for thriving. She teaches her students and blog readers how to thrive under pressure by learning to respond to stress and challenge in better ways. Her core teaching is how to use the three Cs; challenge, control, and commitment. Recently she was honored with the opportunity to present her ideas at TEDx UniversityofWindsor. Watch the video below or visit her blog to learn more about thriving under pressure.

Fantastical Funfantasy, Awesome Stories

Swiss Photographer John Wilhelm creates extraordinary montages in which he photographs his family in fantasy settings. His wife, three daughters, and young son are the props for his imaginative collages. I could spend hours viewing his fantastical photos. John works in IT but seemingly could support himself with his mad-hatter photography skills. He loves to bring fantasy to life with creative manipulation using digital photography, software, and Photoshop. He even calls himself a photoholic for how obsessed he is with his photography hobby.

The Mushroom Kid

What started as a Cub Scout project has become a thriving family business. Te’Lario Watkins II started growing and selling mushrooms when he was 7 years old. He’s been featured on Steve Harvey, Columbus News, and 60 Second Docs. Te’Lario is a passionate purveyor of mushrooms and their ability to help people grow and heal. His vision is to spread them around the world and become the President of the United States. I love his spunk and enthusiasm! Watch the video below or visit Tiger Mushroom Farms. Go Te’Lario!


May your week be full of thriving, magic mushrooms, and creative fun. Long live the farce!  🙂


25 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 360

  1. Wonderful post Brad. Resiliency is so important in today’s busy chaotic world. I’ve watched Andrea’s Ted talk, it’s very motivating. Look forward to watching the other two as well.

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  2. I LOVE that Mushroom Kid! How awesome!! And I LOVE those John Wilhelm photos. I encountered his work through another friend and was transfixed – he’s really good at what he does. Thank you for sharing these as always and I hope you’re having a great weekend! Sending hugs!

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  3. Thank you for including my TEDx talk in your awesome stories! What an wonderful duo to be included with. John’s photography is equally uplifting & healing. And the spunk of the mushroom maven reminds us all to keep reaching for the stars. 🎥 🍄 🌈

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