Awesome Stories 355

This week Awesome Stories brings you managing chaos, the man of the year, and 96 words for love.

Spiritual Practices for Managing Chaoschaos, Awesome Stories

Joanna Macy offers simple yet profound practices for times of crisis or chaos. Change has always been the way of life, but it sure seems that life is getting more chaotic. These spiritual practices will help you stay rooted in yourself and the world. The first and maybe most important is conscious breathing. I’m always surprised at how helpful it is when I’m getting stressed or overwhelmed to simply pause and take some deep breaths. Immediately, I feel more alive, centered and in touch with spirit. Gratitude is JoAnna’s next tip. Most of us know and practice gratitude. It’s a great way to remember that life is indeed a gift. Read Joanna’s Huffington Post article for the rest of her tips including respecting your pain, engage benevolence, and having a bigger timeframe.

Man of the Year

You may or may not like the NFL, but this award and man exemplify what is right with the world. J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans NFL Football team just won the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award. It’s nice to hear and see a football player who recognizes his privilege and uses it to help others. JJ actually started his foundation while in college but stepped up big time last year when Houston was hit by Hurricane Harvey. Moved by how much damage was done to Houston, he decided to start a campaign to help his city. He expected to bring in about $200,000, but his passion and dedication inspired so many others to help that they raised over $37 million! Watch his passionate and eloquent speech in the video below. I hope more people and NFL players join J.J. in his efforts to shine the light of good in the world. Kudos J.J.

96 Words for Love

This is indicative of the poverty of awareness or emphasis that we give to the tremendously important realm of feeling. ~ Robert Johnson

This article is a touching reminder of the power of words. Robert Johnson wrote a passionate plea for more English words to describe love. Sadly, the English language has one word for love, while Greek has three, ancient Persian 80, and Sanskrit ninety-six words for love! Robert is an author, therapist, and former monk. Language both leads and reflects our societal consciousness. Without words for love, we have no adequate way to express our feelings in subtle and specific ways like the different love of family, friends, spouse, camel, or sunsets. Yes, other languages have specific words for each of those loves! As Robert reminds us, if we put as high a value on love (with specific vocabulary) as we do with science and technology, we could transform our world to one of tenderness and connection.

May we use the power of words and actions to love and uplift our neighbors.


23 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 355

  1. Wonderful story shares today Brad… And yes, I can recommend that breathing technique 🙂 and it is so good to read about someone who has got a privileged life helping others less fortunate.. You do not get that a lot in todays world ..
    I Also love that top photo.. 🙂
    Have a peaceful weekend Brad.. Take care..
    Sue 🙂

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  2. How interesting that there are so many words for love in other languages and how unimaginative that English only has one! Food for thought Brad, and useful reminders of ways to slow down and deal with the chaos of the world, thanks for sharing.

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  3. Awesome! I loved the 96 Words of Love, in particular. It resonated so well with me, maybe because I’ve had difficulties in translating “feeling words” from my two first languages (Swedish & Finnish) to English so many times. Some of those words simply don’t exist in English.

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  4. Breathing is so central to finding calm in the midst of chaos. That first story is great! The second story is heartwarming, too! Love how folks who “rise up” use their influence for good. it seems like I’ve heard of another football player doing something similar with Puerto Rico. Love, love this. 🙂 I hope you’re having a nice weekend. Sending hugs!

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