The Sands of Time

The Sands of TimeGreat Sand Dunes, poetry


layers of beauty

sands from ancient seas

dancing on grassy green fields

watched by ancient mountain sentinels

a feast for mind and spirit

vistas expanding time and space

the dance of eternity

harks an ancient song

painting the Great Sand Dunes

 with layers of love

and gratitude for life


Seeing the beautiful image of the Great Sand Dunes I shared in Lunar Painting reminded me that I had been there years ago. Thankfully, I found this image and cleaned it up a bit. From a distance, it is quite remarkable to see these layers of fields, sand dunes, foothills, and towering mountains, all in a progression of colors and textures. Quite majestic. I’m very grateful for all the beautiful places that I have visited. These days I do a lot more virtual travel in my mind and memory. I hope to revisit these beautiful parks and explore some new places in person too.

Happy Travels, Brad



44 thoughts on “The Sands of Time

  1. I’ve always had this obsession with Sand Dunes. There’s one I’d like to visit in Utah – there is something that draws me to it despite how tough it is to walk on it and how the wind blows the sand on your face. Can’t explain it but it’s pretty stunning. Lovely poetry as always!

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  2. Your poetry just gets better and better Brad. and that image is indeed a beautiful one.. Showing the layers of terrain. Also reminding me that we as humans also have our own many layers, some taking longer over time to reveal.. 🙂 Nature is so beautiful in her raw state as you have shown here in your photo..

    Have a wonderful Sunday Brad. 🙂 💚

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