The Day After Christmas

The Day After Christmas


mind and body are wearysadness, choice, poetry

life has become rather dreary

no joyful dancers

no playful prancers

just a solitary life

full of struggle and strife


if I haven’t spoiled the day

let’s get out and survey

time for a bigger view

with choices made anew

for 2018 my wish to you

is life radiant and true


PS, This post is my way to honor feelings of sadness and loneliness. Honestly, I’ve gotten rather passive about my life, allowing things to grind away at my spirit. I intend to use this dissatisfaction as fuel to make changes. I’ll be spending time imagining how I’d like my life to look and what I’m willing to do. I’ll be clarifying my life purpose, intentions, goals, and actions and probably won’t post until the New Year.

May 2018 be a year of empowered action, rising anew with love and trust. Happy New Year!