Howling of the Chimera

Howling of the Chimerasunset, haunting, chimera

Halloween seems like the perfect time to start this desert adventure. Beware the lost souls on this dark holiday aka All Hallows Eve. Here is a brighter take on Halloween called Hallowed or Harrowing reminding us that choice is the magic key to life. Or my last year’s ode to Halloween called Haunted or Hallowed.


It was a dark and mysterious night. The sun had long since set over the barren desert. The full moon was just rising over the distant mountains, giving the night an eerie feeling, compounded by a strange quiet. Not even the night creatures were stirring. Meanwhile, the desert chimera stalked its prey, moving quietly across the desert sands. In fact, none could see or hear the movement such was his stealth as the chimera moved unheard and unseen like a shadow across the dark landscape.

Chimera Soulfire was in search of the Soul Swallowers, the most deadly and reviled of the desert tribe of fairies. Forced into hiding and shape-shifting to adapt in the harsh desert climate, these fairies morphed into something much harsher and colder than their fanciful forest fairies. The most extreme of this desert tribe became more ghoul than fairie; feared and reviled by all creatures of the human, animal, and spirit worlds.

None of this mattered to Chimera Soulfire, for a white heat burned brightly in his chest. He had vowed revenge for the attack on his master Muse Brad. Sworn to protect his liege like the knights of olden days, Chimera Soulfire raged inside with both purpose and shame. No one should ever have been able to approach, let alone bring harm to his master. Now, he was in focused pursuit of the leader of these desert sorcerers. Their evil was the most horrific kind, unseen to the senses while quietly eating away at one’s heart and soul. After his master stopped eating, staying in bed all day, and whining endlessly about Moka Chino. the chimera began to suspect more than Moka Fever was at play here. He believed a soul swallowing has taken place. Despite the best efforts of the human healers, Muse Brad would not and could not be healed by ordinary means.

Muse Brad’s only hope is if his faithful liege can retrieve his soul. After a swallowing, there is a 180 day gestation period, in which the snatched soul is harvested in a kind of limbo, slowing erasing all love and kindness, while fear and darkness take root in the lost soul. In rare cases, a soul reclaimed within the first trimester can be re-attached to the original body, allowing love and light to regrow. Other times, a reclaimed soul withers on the vine like a malnourished plant. None of that mattered now. Chimera Soulfire must find the Soul Swallowers and where they were hiding the lost souls from their latest raid.

To be continued…


Happy Haunting on your Halloween Adventures!


35 thoughts on “Howling of the Chimera

  1. Brad, I can see so much mirroring of what is happening in today’s world through your words. I don’t know if this was intentional on you part or not, but I couldn’t help but see it. Waiting for the HAPPY ending …..

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