Awesome Stories 341

This week Awesome Stories brings you cooling paint, Awaken Circles, and groovy grandmothers.


Israeli company SolCold has created a new paint that acts as a low-cost airconditioner for buildings. Their paint cools when exposed to sunlight by filtering out certain wavelengths and re-emitting it as energy. Heat from buildings is absorbed and re-emitted as lightwaves that help cool the building. This is beyond white paint to reflect light and heat from the building; this approach actually cools the rooms beneath the painted roof by about 10′ in lab tests. More pilot projects are being currently tested. Although not cheap at $300/ 100 square meters, the special paint could reduce energy use by up to 60% while also reducing CO2.

Awaken Circles

This story touched my heart. Neeti Walavalkar is a ServiceSpace volunteer who hosts a weekly Awaken Circle in Pune, India. I applaud Neeti and the other attendees for how they welcomed this new friend and created a safe space for him. I can’t imagine how hard it was for him to come to this meeting and share what he did. Awaken Circles started with the idea to hold weekly meetings of sitting in silence, sharing insights and a meal with no teachers, brand, guru, or agenda. I’ve both attended (and started) various circles with different purposes and may explore starting a local Awaken circle. Have you experienced any life-changing circles or groups?

Groovy Grandmothersgrandmother power, Awesome Stories

Paola Gianturco has spent the last 20 years documenting the wonderful contributions that older women are making around the world. She has traveled, interviewed, photographed, and embraced these loving women to highlight their often unreported contributions to our world. Sadly, the news mostly focuses on bad news and the contributions of stars and corporations. Women too often are not given equal voice or opportunity. Paola has made it her life work to celebrate Grandmother Power. Read this Cooking with Grandmothers article to learn more about Paola’s book, work, and website. The activism of grandmothers makes a significant contribution all over the world. Thank you to all the grandmothers and Paola.

May we acknowledge, celebrate and honor women around the world. Thanks for all you do.


16 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 341

  1. Hmm…I love the “Awaken Circle” idea! I may have to incorporate that into our routine at school where I work: just sitting in silence with no agenda and then sharing a meal (such as lunch) afterwards…hmmm….hmmm. I LOVE THAT!!

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  2. Another great post of awesome stories, Brad. The cooling paint would really be a great thing here in the desert!! Love the inspiring story on the grandmothers!!! Also the awakening Circles. Keep the positivity coming…you’re right…the news focuses on the “bad” news.

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