Flowing Forward

Flowing ForwardGreat Falls, poetry, falling


rivers carving rock

eons of artistry flow

Great Falls on display


We (the muse and I) are back from our trip east to see family. My brother, mom, and I had some good conversations and even looked at one senior residence. It helped mom get clear that she is still not ready to give up her house or independence so I won’t be moving back east at this time. I’m mulling over whether I’m willing to take the plunge and move back to be nearby to mom. I enjoy knowing that I’m being of service and helping her stay in her house as she desires. The catch is the high cost of living in the Washington DC area. I would need to find a well-paying job or a below-market housing situation or both!

Thanks for all your heartfelt wishes and prayers for our family. We made some progress if only incrementally, with a new openness in mom to explore options. Like time and rivers, we keep moving and flowing forward. Here are some more photos from the Great Falls National Park that I love and try to visit whenever I’m in the area. And if you want to learn more about the park, geology, or visiting, here is a link to the National Park Service website. Blessings, Brad


32 thoughts on “Flowing Forward

  1. These are STUNNING captures Brad! Looks like a beautiful area! Thanks for the little update from your trip and the situation with your mom. I’m glad a bit of progress was made, even if only incrementally, and I hope everything flows forward smoothly for you as you make decisions about possibly moving closer to your mom. Praying for doors to open and close according to the plan. 🙂

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  2. Great photos, Brad, and I love your headline. I also love that you are so caring about your mom, while not wanting to crimp her independence. I have an elderly friend whose children swooped in one week after her husband’s funeral, and, while she was mourning and therefore discombobulated, moved her into a bachelor apartment in a senior’s residence against her will. When people get elderly, it’s very important that their children listen and take their time with them. Sometimes hard decisions have to be made, but they should be as loving and thoughtful as your approach.

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  3. I am pleased your visit highlighted some useful points for you Mom to consider in the future Brad.. And it at least made her think of her options for the future..
    And I am sure when that time arrives, things will fall into place..
    So loved your pictures of your National Park.. Beautiful.. Such wonderful countryside..
    Sending much love your way Brad.
    Thank you for sharing.. 🙂 ❤

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