The Origins of Muse Mayhem

Here is the original post that was the inspiration for my muse mystery and mayhem series. In rereading this early post on muses and caffeine, we had a few chuckles so we’re sharing the goodness with you. Plus we noticed a fun synchronicity. This is the 5 year anniversary of this post. Plus the post is in need of some serious blog lovin’. Please visit, like, comment, and explore the coffee channel.Β  πŸ™‚

Please tell us what you think.

Do you want more muse mysteries and mayhem? More caffeine craziness? Does your muse channel coffee goodness or craziness?

Post all comments in care of the coffee channel, aka muse brad, aka writer dude. Enjoy!


26 thoughts on “The Origins of Muse Mayhem

  1. Happy Anniversary! Brad, your Moka Madness blog inspired me in many ways. I created a Hunters Group who are responsible for rescuing any Muse in trouble. In the Hunters Group formed a Squad who very appropriately named themselves the Delft Squad. I have painted (oil on Board 12″ X 24″) the Delft Squad as they were busy following the Robert’s Rules of Order during their weekly meeting. Their “Fight” song is a haiku. Please check out my blog site to see all the wonderful things that have taken place. Welcome back and I hope all things are well in your world. Linda

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    • How wonderful that you let your creativity and muse run free Linda! But now we have to use our wits and Hunters Group to bring them back home! I’ll definitely visit to see what mischief your muse is up to. XD


  2. Happy Fifth Anniversary… YES! seems our anniversaries are similar in that on the Third it was 7 yrs here in WP.. Ten in total.. I must do a little da–daaaah post to celebrate .. And as I enjoy Caffeine in Tea.. Coffee sounds good, though what makes you happy is always the best..
    Welcome back to blog land Brad.. I am in and out of it at the moment.. And still catching up on my comments..
    Love and Hugs my friend πŸ™‚

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