Muse Vacation

Muse Vacation


My brother and mom. Thanksgiving 2015.

Muse Brad and I will be heading to Virginia to visit my mother and brother for a couple of weeks. We probably won’t be writing, posting, or reading many blogs. We’ll miss you, but probably need a break from writing deadlines. Muse Brad has convinced me we need time off from writing to focus on family, fun, healthcare, and maybe some ice cream binging. In case you haven’t heard, binging on ice cream is a famous muse pastime and diversion.

The real purpose of this visit is to powwow with family to explore options for my mother. Her health has been sliding this year and we want to consider options before a crisis would happen. She’s had chronicΒ back pain, trouble sleeping, lung congestion, low energy, depression, and some falling. My brother and I are concerned for her health and want to help. We each bring different skills and perspective to the mix so it will be good to have face to face and heart to heart conversations.

My mother would like to stay in her house until the end. That may only be possible if we can hire help or figure out peaceful and mutually beneficial terms for me living with mom.

Rather than expound all the what-ifs before we talk, please keep us in your hearts and prayers. I’m excited to see family, and hopeful that we’ll clarify some ideas for mom.

Due to limited internet access, I probably won’t be visiting blogs much. Feel free to comment, but I may be slow to respond. Thanks for caring. Muse Brad and I look forward to connecting after our trip.

Peace out!


50 thoughts on “Muse Vacation

  1. I’ve been there (not with your Muse Brad, though). My brother and I have collaborated and communicated for several years in the best way to keep our mom safe and happy. It’s not been easy, but she is now safe in a memory care unit (began with independent living). I’m so thankful we began the conversation with her several years ago to start the process. Much luck to you and your brother…and your mom.

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  2. May God grant your family clarity and understanding in thinking without confusion or chaos. Enjoy all things and don’t let muse Brad get away with too much mischief. There is nothing harder than trying to get a muse over and inflated ego.

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  3. We are both taking breaks and traveling to help family this week. Me with my granddaughter and you with your mom. My determined dad stayed in his home alone until the end. It worried me , but I’m thankful he had great neighbors who checked on him since he lived an hour away from me. If you can get people to come in an check on her regularly, that might work. On the other hand, I have a friend from church who’s in her 80s, and she loves her assisted living community. I wish you the best and hope you enjoy each other’s company. ❀

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  4. I will definitely keep you, mom and bro in my thoughts and prayers as you discuss the future, and will be hoping that you’ll all arrive at a mutually beneficial plan. Enjoy your family time <3. And the ice cream! πŸ™‚

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  5. Wanted to come over and say that I’m thinking of you. Between husby and I, we have three living parents. I also have other family members that I care about who are aging, as well. Determining the best care and proper protocol isn’t always easy but shows how much we care about our family members. May you find solutions and the peace you need during this process. And you know, sometimes the writing break is so good. I’m considering a little writing sabbatical (just a week or so) myself in honor of my website being a year old…

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  6. Brad, your Mom is in my thoughts, and what thoughtful caring sons she has Brad.. I am sure you will all come up with a solution that suits your Mom’s needs.. Sending you all my love and healing thoughts to your Mom.. And having a blogging break is very relaxing .. I should know LOL.. I keep taking plenty..
    Lots of Love and as your last post had a header
    You Matter…
    Take care
    Sue πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  7. Hello Brad,
    Absolutely take the time you need away from blogging.
    Such a difficult journey to make to discuss the health of your lovely mum.
    I wish you well with everything and I also wish your mum the best.
    It’s a difficult time for a family.
    Until we catch up again,
    All the best,
    Di πŸ’

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  8. The photo is fantastic, your brother and Mom look fantastically happy. Nothing is a special as what you are doing now, a mother’s love being reflected back to her by her sons ~ wishing you the best. A pint of ice-cream a day, along with your muse, is a good way to spend time as well. Take care.

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  9. You are most definitely in my heart and prayers. Having been in this situation myself, I would suggest taking one step at a time…..and if you can to write a little every day. I found sketching and writing a little helped me which meant it helped my Mother….Your Mother is a beautiful lady….let’s hope you is able to recover and stay in her home. Janet πŸ™‚ x

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