Emerging Paths

Emerging Pathspaths, purpose, poetry


twists and turns emerge

the winding path of purpose

unfolds step by step


Gabe from Almost Unsalvageable created this beautiful image. He also sent me a touching note saying that I inspire him with my blog and Awesome Stories. Gabe created this digital art to represent the emerging path of possibility that comes into view as we step back to see the big picture of our lives. Thank you Gabe for sharing your delightful gift and stirring my possibilities!

May we find theΒ path of heart, full of purpose and possibility.


33 thoughts on “Emerging Paths

  1. I want to thank you for leading me to The Daily Good site on yesterday’s post. I’ve long been saying there should be a TV channel that has good news stories only, and this site does it. Wonderful story this morning about a nurse who goes to Tibet and Nepal and lowers the newborn and maternal mortality rate. Big thank you.

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  2. Hello Brad,
    What a lovely sharing post. How special to hear that from Gabe. His is another ‘must read’ blog along with yours.
    The artwork he created is beautiful with a great message for us all…

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