Fleeting Freedom

Fleeting Freedom

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The Washington Monument with cherry blossoms

The Fourth of July and patriotism stir up my feelings about this country and the way we are headed. I would love to see a more inclusive country that embraces the ideals upon which it was founded. Here’s a lovely video that speaks to that idea.

Can we have freedom in a healthy, evolving, connected world?

I don’t know. This post will explore some of my ideas and questions. I welcome your ideas and feedback. I only know that divisiveness is not working. Maybe freedom is an illusion. Certainly, separateness is an illusion.

This country was founded on the values of freedom and individual rights. We’ve made progress toward those ideals over time, adding women, blacks, gays, disabled, other groups, and immigrants from all over the world to our citizenship. We’re on the verge of true greatness where we learn to embrace everyone as our brother and sister. The current conservative swell in this country and Europe is simply the fearful backlash of people fighting that progress.

Regardless of your political leanings, I honor you and your path to oneness. The more inclusive we can become in our beliefs and actions, the more room we make for an inner freedom that doesn’t need to control others. Much as our countries’ founders fought for independence to gain political and religious freedom, we may have to fight to gain a freedom that balances the paradoxes of independence and unity. The ideals of democracy and our Republic are still very much an experiment that may or may not work in the long-run. Currently, the rich and powerful have twisted and corrupted the system to their benefit. Somehow, we need to find a way to balance individual rights and freedoms with the need to have rules and systems that guide us toward a common future that works for the masses, not just the privileged and powerful.

It may be a new kind of fight, learning to befriend the fearful voices within and without that represent the idea of separateness, which drives us to gain at the expense of other people, animals, plants, and the planet. Science, spiritual leaders, and our hearts clearly understand that this world is connected. What I’m proposing is that the time for living as if we are separate is coming to an end. The “new age” will be based on the principals of oneness. We no longer can ignore the pain of our brothers, sisters, animals, plants, oceans, and planet.

It pains me daily to see the harm we do to each other with our words and actions. And yes, I’m also talking about my progressive friends who feel it serves to routinely call out the behavior of people they disagree with like our President. We must find a way to hold the left and right together in oneness. One country, one human race, one family of beings, one world.

Can we find our individual freedom in oneness? Or maybe the idea of freedom is what we need to surrender. Maybe in oneness, there is no individual freedom. Maybe to survive on this planet, we need to surrender the idea that we can do whatever we want and ignore the consequences of our words and actions on other people and creatures. I’ve had spiritual friends tell me to “own my shit” after saying or doing something very hurtful. This is the same shit that was stirred up by their words and actions. They talk as if their behavior has no connection to me. That my feelings and responses occur in a vacuum. There is no vacuum. There is no magic trash shoot that recycles all the pollution we emit. Everything we say and do affects others on this planet.

On a related note, Michael of Embracing Forever wrote this deeply thoughtful post on the generosity of understanding and defenselessness as a path to unity. Michael talks about how difficult it is for most of us to give up our sacred beliefs like the idea of separateness and the consequent need to protect ourself from others. And yet by doing so, we might bridge the gap of divisiveness that keeps us locked in us versus them thinking. If we learn to understand and embrace everyone as our relative, we may find beautiful new ways of living together.

Maybe love is the only road to safety. The road where all of us live in compassion and awareness of how we impact each other and the planet. Maybe we need a new vision big and bold enough to both include and inspire all people. I believe the time to fight each other in the name of tribes is over. I’ll gladly sacrifice my freedom in the name of love. Would you?

PS. I welcome your comments and don’t pretend to have all the answers. This idea of needing to choose freedom or unity may be a false choice. Maybe we can have both. I just know divisiveness is not working.

Will you join me in the #LoveRevolution?


29 thoughts on “Fleeting Freedom

  1. “an inner freedom that doesn’t need to control others” Very good, B. And I think Michael can be paraphrased to say we need to let go of our fear. It’s amazing what that beast does to us individually and in our relationships.

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  2. I think this is an ongoing struggle inherent in our humanness – individual vs. community rights, the freedom to do exactly as we please vs. the need to be part of a larger whole that requires compromise. The need for power and control vs. the need for love and connection….sorry, I don’t have any answers, just watching the merry-go-round of the same issues played out over the millennia. When will we learn our true lessons?

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  3. Hello Brad,
    All I can say is what a brilliant and thoughtful piece of writing. It speaks to our very core. Oneness and love moving forward… yes, I’ll proudly join your love revolution…
    Thank you for a great post and adding the videos to highlight your message…
    Hugs and may we all be blessed… 💐✨✨✨

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    • Yay! I’m delighted to have you join Di! I very much appreciate that you found value in my post and take the time to comment so often and thoughtfully. Thank you for sharing the journey, your hugs, blessings, and kindness. ❤


      • I’m a proud member, thank you Brad for starting the conversation.
        You are very welcome. It’s lovely being here…

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  4. This was a well thought out post Brad.. and so many people are now echoing your thoughts throughout the world..

    ” I honor you and your path to oneness. The more inclusive we can become in our beliefs and actions, the more room we make for an inner freedom that doesn’t need to control others.” Just beautifully said Brad..

    Sometimes I think we have to come apart at the seams in order to see we need a new garment.. For we are held in the comfort zone of holding onto the old..
    So the old ways of being have to break down in order for new ones and new ideas to take their place..

    This is what we are seeing.. The old hanging on.. as the old games are being played out.. But now the public are getting wiser.. and no longer sitting in acceptance.. Change is never easy.. Its often Messy.. and Ugly.. And those of us who are in the middle of it, think we are stuck.. Yet in hindsight.. I bet when we or our children/ grandchildren look back on these years.. They will see how they became the catalysis to make those strides.. Bringing Unity and Equality to the fore of our Communities ..

    At the end of the day when we leave this Earth.. We take not the Dollars or the Pounds we have made.. we only take the deeds and love we have created within our hearts.. I think it is about time our hearts opened, and we learnt to share, and care and show more Love for each other and our environment..

    A great post my friend..
    Sue 💜

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    • Thank you for your love, kind words, and support Sue. Freedom is an important topic for me. I’m still not sure we can have complete personal freedom in a connected world. I love your reflections on our current times and what matters; love, friends, connection. It seems more people are waking up to the tyranny of the system and need for change. May we rise together in love….


  5. A thoughtful and moving post Brad, I enjoyed the inspiration of the videos too. I think we can’t fully have freedom if we want to serve the good of all – on a very basic level, what we eat, how we travel, the way we work, all have an impact on someone or on the planet. But I’m happy to give up some of those choices to make a more connected world.

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