Awesome Stories 321

This week Awesome Stories brings you SkyGlow, writing tips, circles, and inner greenspace.


Timelapse filmmakers Harun Mehmedinovic and Gavin Heffernan have created beautiful videos and a book called SKYGLOW to capture the magnificence of the night skies and the threat of artificial light pollution. Very few places are left where we can still see the stars and night skies without the “skyglow” effect of manmade lights. There are some amazing images from their journeys like the video below of the Grand Canyon. The mesmerizing dance of the inversion clouds in the canyons makes me want to dive in and swim or fly. Beware!

Writing Tips

Parker Palmer, who is a teacher, speaker, and author, reluctantly offers some tips for better writing. At the core of his approach is to be baffled, or open to explore the deep mysteries of life. Rather than the typical advice to write about what you know, Parker believes the best inspiration and writing come from exploring what we don’t know. His other tips are to value the process over the results, give your work away generously, and keep exploring the mysteries in life that baffle you. Happy exploring!


You become your own heart-centered biosphere, naturally generating feelings of contentment, interconnectedness and general well-being. ~ Doc Childre

I love this idea of becoming our own “greenspace“. In this article, Doc Childre of HeartMath explores the ways nature can heal us. Most of us have experienced the benefits of spending time in nature which helps us shift from head to heart and thinking to being. Doc suggests that we don’t need to go into nature, we are nature. Through a mindful practice like meditation and learning to center in our hearts, we can become our own natural oasis, bringing peace, love, and nourishment wherever we go. He suggests a 4 step process of bringing your attention to your heart, letting your heart become your resting place by allowing your heart’s natural field to draw you in. I’m going to go visit my greenspace right now!  🙂

Holding Circle

holding circle, Awesome Stories

Kay Pranis has spent much of her career working for restorative justice using the circle as a core tool. Her work is based on the idea of holding circle as a sacred container to do inner work, and based on core beliefs like interconnection, inherent goodness and the need to practice the integration of our inner and outer lives. I’ve had the pleasure of participating in various groups, where we gathered to hold sacred space and help bring out the best in each other. Kay talks about groups holding the space for wonder, deep listening, sharing, and curiosity as mysterious tools to find our own answers. Circles can magnify our connection, purpose, and power. And once we have practiced and integrated our beliefs, the ultimate goal is to bring our gifts out into the world.

May we learn to create sacred space big enough to include all people and places. 


30 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 321

  1. Always love your stories, though I have to share: I just spent about half an hour over at the Skyglow site. WOW! I never knew about all that. I never knew about light pollution’s effects. Incredibly fascinating and even better that those filmmakers have made awe-inspiring videos.
    That’s what it takes to change the world. Thanks for sharing these! 🙂

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  2. What wonderful shares Brad.. I loved those clouds and visited the Link SkyGlow.. and its saved to my browser now.. What fantastic footage those two film makers have created.. 🙂 and also enjoyed the Kay Pranis article ..
    We all need those sacred spaces to contemplate within..
    Thank you again Brad for your awesomeness.. 💙

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  3. What a wonderful video…I would love to dive through those clouds like a bird 🙂 I love the term ‘Greenspace’ and think it’s a superb idea to find it within oneself. The writing tips I will definitely read more of….I would same the same applies with painting….to value the process and not necessarily the result. Holding Circle – another excellent concept. Hope you are enjoying a lovely Memorial Day weekend….janet 🙂

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    • You may have just invented a new sport; cloud diving! Greenspace seems to be a resonant idea for many of us and yes, all creativity (and life) benefits from focusing on mastering the process versus the result. May we hold circle for each other. blessings, Brad


  4. Thanks for these once again, Brad. It is always a joy to find about the endless stream of uplifting people and stories at work in our world! I enjoyed reading Parker Palmer’s article, and thought there was a lot of wisdom there. Thanks for the Sunday morning resonance!

    Peace and Love

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  5. Hello Brad,
    I’m going to save these wonderful stories for during the week as I’m on a mini break just now and have lots to explore. I love the idea of reading about how to be a better writer… and I follow heartmath institute too so I’m very interested.
    Hope you receive this message….
    Hugs from Di 🙋🏻💐

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      • They really do, Brad. And wow! That would have been wonderful to meet the founders. I’m assuming you met Howard Martin? I listen to his video interviews a lot.
        I think many of us wishing to make a positive difference are learning to do that alongside you Brad… I think you are doing a lovely job already through the kinds of things you share….
        Thank you for your kind reply…
        Di 🙋🏻💐💐


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