Awesome Stories 315

This week Awesome Stories brings you super blooms, passion, poetry, and the art of blessing.

Super Bloomsuper bloom, Awesome Stories

The deserts in the southwest of the country are exploding in wildflowers with what is called a super bloom. The area has received lots of rain this year and seeds that have lain dormant for years are coming alive with a dazzlingly display of color and blossoms. I’ve always wanted to see this in person. Meanwhile, I’ll take joy in this beautiful collection of photos from DesertUSA. If you’re a flower fan like me, I know you’ll enjoy them!

The Zen of Poetry

Maria Popova from explores the many paradoxes of poetry. It seems to be a meeting place of effort and letting go, attention and allowing, being and doing; merging our inner world with the outer world in a dance of words attempting to describe things that lie beyond words and what we can see with our eyes and senses. She references many wonderful examples of great poets and quotes about poetry. Poetry seems to be an illusive art, in which we strive to master our attention to life. Her musings make me want to go deeper into my poetry. 🙂

Follow Your DreamsMartin Levya, Awesome Stories

This is a fascinating article about a young man who went from prison to college graduate, now working as a drug and alcohol counselor. Martin Levya works with teens, convicts, and other people who are off track and may feel disempowered. As a Latino and ex-convict, he brings an authenticity to his role of counselor and facilitator. It’s clear he loves his work and feels grateful to be connecting with and helping the youth he serves. The agency he works for, AHA!, focuses on empowering and uplifting their clients, teaching them better life skills. He also talks about being authentic, bringing your whole self to your work, and working for social justice. Martin is an inspiring young man who reminds us to never give up on yourself or your dreams.

The Art of Blessing

It is impossible to bless and to judge at the same time. So hold …the desire to bless, for then shall you become a peacemaker, and one day you shall behold the very face of God. ~ Pierre Pradervand

Pierre Pradervand has been practicing the art of blessing others for over 25 years. It began after a difficult situation at work in which he had a falling out with his boss who gave him an ultimatum he couldn’t accept, so he quit. For a while, he was lost in bitterness and obsession, until he read a passage about blessing those who curse you. Thus began his daily practice of blessing others, particularly those who challenge us or are in pain. He has written books, started groups and spread the power of blessing to transform lives. I love his reminder that what is in your heart is more important than the words, and the core of blessing others is sincerity, intent, and perseverance.

May your challenges become blessings, Brad 


21 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 315

  1. It is impossible to bless and to judge at the same time. So hold …the desire to bless, for then shall you become a peacemaker, and one day you shall behold the very face of God. ~ Pierre Pradervand
    This is profound. Thank you for posting.

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  2. Great stories as always! I’m reminded that many years ago, someone suggested I say a prayer of blessing for those who evoked anger or hurt in me. It sounded crazy and impossible to do with sincerity. But when I have opened to the possibility and asked for the blessings for those who have hurt me, something shifts in me. It’s not always easy. I have to have faith that I will be safe. It helps if I recognize I can send my blessings while maintaining my boundaries.

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  3. The SUPERBLOOM!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THAT!!! I’ve spent a chunk of the weekend working in the garden planting flowers and more flowers and veggies and I’m in heaven. 🙂 It’s also quite meditative.
    I love the Brain Pickings blog, though I don’t stop over to read often enough. But I love what Maria says about poetry. She always has interesting things to say. And, of course, your other stories are awesome, too. 🙂 Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend!!

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  4. Brad I got lots in the Desert my friend.. wandering around those beautiful hills and those amazing wild flowers.. Such beautiful blooms.. 🙂

    May we keep the Zen of our poerty flowing, as we Follow our Dreams.. Never giving up and always, always may we count our Blessings as we bless others for the gifts given..

    Thank you for the gift of this post Brad.. Hope you had a wonderful Easter my friend ❤

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