Bluebonnet Bliss

Bluebonnet Bliss

Bluebells, poetry

Bluebonnets at Lake Bardwell in Ennis, TX by Gayle Shoemaker Fetick


bluebonnets beckon

lush prairies and rolling hills

filled with blue bliss


#NoPoWriMo day 11

This beautiful image was taken by my friend Gayle from high school days. We’ve both developed a passion for photography, especially flowers. I would love to roll around in those lush prairies. How about you?


23 thoughts on “Bluebonnet Bliss

  1. Blue bliss it is.. Such a beautiful image .. And remind me of our Lupin family.. they have similar leaves.. And who wouldn’t want to lay back looking up at the sky surrounded by so many blossoms.. Wonderful Brad.. and yes Pure Bliss xx

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