Awesome Stories 310

This week Awesome Stories brings you mushroom remedies, soul truths, BloomBars, and sacred life.

Mushroom Remedies

mushrooms, remedies, Awesome StoriesIf Paul Stamets has his way, we might not need Monsanto, GMOs, or pesticides. He’s created several natural remedies using mushroom spores in proprietary formulas to address environmental problems like pest control, toxic cleanup, and more. After years of testing, Paul is currently seeking EPA approval for his proprietary mushroom spore strains. His MycoPesticide uses a fungus that produces a chemical attractant in the mycelial state. The spores attach to the insect pests, gradually killing them and their nest mates. This solution kills only the pest insects without harming the crops, water, land or other insects. Paul has created a company called Fungi Perfecti to promote his books, ideas, and health products, all made from mushrooms.

Soul Truths

Elizabeth Lesser shares some truths learned from her years as a midwife and later helping her sister deal with cancer. Being a midwife taught her that when you open to pain, the world works to support you. Helping her sister deal with the challenges of cancer and treatment, led them both to explore deep soul truths that come from listening, opening to vulnerability, seeking to understand the other and sharing from the heart. In her compassionate TED Talk, Elizabeth reminds us to repair our relationships with the people we care about now, and not wait for a life or death situation like she did.


BloomBars, Awesome StoriesI love this idea for a neighborhood venue that uses art to help people bloom and create social change. John Chambers started a local neighborhood bar with the idea to serve a variety of things that nurture our growth; art, food, music, conversation, dance and more. This interview with John is long but interesting to hear the journey John has taken from growing up in New England, going to school at Howard University, enjoying a career in PR and activism, then finding a passion for social change. BloomBars is a place to inspire people to live more consciously and cooperatively. It also is based on the pay it forward model. There are no set fees to enter, attend performances or classes. Personally, I love the idea and everything John stands for, but feel he needs to focus this project more. I wish him well and may visit on my next visit to see family in the Washington DC area.

All Life is Sacred

John Malloy is committed to a path of service. After a troubled youth with fighting and jail time, he found a sense of purpose to clean up his act and help others. John lives according to Native American principals and the idea that all life is sacred and interconnected. It helped ground him and his approach to helping the at-risk kids. At first, he was helping kids in the school district, later he started his own school called The Foundry based on Native American principals. He helps troubled kids find a way forward based on integrity, reverence for life, and interconnection.

May you find your own sacred life path based on love and connection.


35 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 310

  1. Great article of details and points to note. GMO goods scare me and hopefully Stamets is onto something. So, so much truth to restoring relationships while you can rather then waiting. In my experience many a mental illness is the result of unresolved issues that just fester over time. Malloy nailed it with the fact of cleaning up ones own life and walking the life not just pointing fingers and talking the life. Love post like this Brad. You move us and cause us to think, reflect and change.

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  2. I especially liked the Ted Talk on Soul Truths. The hamster wheel became such a habit, that I’ve caught myself on it when I don’t even have a reason to be. Looking for more moments of deep time.

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  3. The TED talk Elizabeth Lesser shares pairs well with Brene Brown’s “The power of Vulnerability.” A one-two punch that might even break through the stubbornest of skulls to get at the good stuff hidden within.

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  4. Awesome stories once again! 🙂 Mushroom remedies? Good stuff – even if I’m not a big fan of how they taste, lol. Soul truths – yes! I have a family member that though she’s difficult, I do want to reach out and perhaps I’ll just write her a letter. Bloombars – I love that, and it’s a good idea. As for all life being sacred – completely, whole-heartedly agree! It takes a special person to work with at-risk humans, but that is a true, true calling. Great post!

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    • Thank you Cynthia. I’m grateful for all those who work in the social service areas. And we all have family, friends or co-workers who can be a challenge and give us the opportunity to stretch. to more love and compassion in our hearts, homes and workplaces.


  5. I love mushrooms, and have admired Paul Stamets work for the past couple of years. I attend the annual mycological society fair. I am not a member though. I’ve only attended for 3 years of annual fairs – one in another city. I’ve been learning about and enjoying mushrooms for their qualities, it’s a part of the larger scope of my work. I really enjoy this video, as well; I needed to find the time to watch it, and I did. “the forces of the universe”….”stay open, stay curious, ask the pain what its come to deliver: something new wants to be born.” Happy Spring, Brad. Thank you for sharing this wonderful collection. I’m all about the “Deep Time.”

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  6. Wonderful choice of stories this week Brad.. and I found the last one also very inspiring .. Showing us sometimes how we have to go through some life lessons in order to come out the otherside and change, and then help others to change.. Loved reading that on your link about John Malloy 🙂
    I have yet to listen to the video, But Elizabeth is so right.. about repairing our relationships with the people we care about now, and not wait for a life or death situation like she did.

    I am reminded by my own Mother, who despite my attempts to repair, she chose to ignore.. And she missed out on so much throughout the years of her grandchildren, It was her great loss.
    And my greatest sadness..

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  7. Hello Writing to freedom!
    A lovely collection of stories…I especially appreciated the inspirational ted talk and think the Bloombar concept is brilliant.
    Thank you for a great round up of news ✨✨

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