The Sovereignty of Love

The Sovereignty of Love

As we harmonize our daily life with love, we come to know our self as the consciousness of love. This is self-love. This is sovereignty. ~ Alaya DeNoyelles

The phrase, the sovereignty of love, came to me in meditation yesterday.

love, Rumi

I had the understanding that as we align with love and allow love to guide our lives, we come to full sovereignty over our life. It’s interesting to learn that it is the title of a book and process for bringing more love into our life with forgiveness and self-love. From briefly visiting Alaya’s website called The Sovereignty of Love, it seems her process is very similar to what I’ve been doing. She suggests using the Hawaiin practice of Ho’oponopono to align our energies with love, becoming fully present and responsible for creating our lives.

I’m excited by the growing sense of love, peace, and empowerment that is building through the simple practice of loving myself and whatever arises. I described this practice in more detail in my post called Love Whatever Arises based on Matt Kahn’s book.

My spiritual path is based on only two simple practices now.

The first practice is loving myself with the words “I love you” spoken with tender feelings throughout the day, especially when something triggers me. The second practice is daily meditation, focusing on relaxing my body, then my mind, and finally resting in love. I feel a sense of peace to have this foundation for my life and the relief from not trying to fix or improve myself. I believe trying to fix myself and improve myself has been a giant rabbit hole that consumed far too much of my life. Now, I’m more focused and peaceful knowing that all I need is love, starting with self-love and expanding that love to loving kindness for others that will help grow a life filled with love.

My purpose is simply to nurture love within, growing seedlings of love to plant in other hearts with my words, actions, and being.

Will you join us for a love revolution?


49 thoughts on “The Sovereignty of Love

  1. Great post Brad. “The Sovereignty of Love” is such a true statement. When we learn to love ourselves we can more deeply love others. The verse Mat 22:39 says it clearly, “…’Love your neighbor as yourself.'”. Hopefully one day the world will get it.

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  2. Thank you for this very beautiful post. The Sovereignty of Love… beautiful is that. I believe that when we do learn to love ourselves completely everything falls into place. It becomes totally natural to take care of our body and mind as if it is a temple. I have daily rituals….a meditation period in the morning followed by yoga type exercise, which I have been doing for 42 years, ever since my daughter was born. I also have a time of reflection when I go to bed at night and wake in the morning…..all of which helps me tremendously. As always thank you for your thoughts…..and hope you have a lovely weekend…janet. 🙂

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  3. Beautiful! I am happy to hear your nurturing of self-love is growing and you are feeling such positive affects Brad. I have been using the Ho’oponopono practice in my personal process for 5 years now and it has been invaluable for me. Rumi’s beautiful words come to mind- “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” May we all find and dissolve those barriers within! 💚

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  4. Hello again Writing to Feedom!
    I love this post and have found so much goodness from Matt too. I’m just beginning his book.
    And like yourself, life has become much more free now I am in the process of accepting and loving myself. Topics I’m very passionate about spreading too!
    I’m in…!
    Thank you for a great post.

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      • Thank you Brad. And you’re very welcome.
        I’m finding that taking place most certainly. Dropping the expectations and judgements towards others and just looking to ways of loving everyone more… powerful and freeing.
        I really appreciate the ‘may you be blessed’ teachings.
        A lovely post all up ✨✨🌸

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