Awesome Stories 303

This week Awesome Stories brings you Nature House, self-care, cultivating awe, and Street Books.

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This is an amazing story of a family that decided to build their own geodesic home in Northern Norway. What makes it so interesting is how they built a three-story cob home covered by a geodesic dome to shelter them from the extreme weather and grow food for most of the year despite living in the Artic Circle! In the process of building the home, living remotely and mostly self-reliant, they have re-invented themselves and created a life and home they love. Read the Inhabit article to see their beautiful home.

Self-Care for Sensitive People

Own the word “sensitive”; let it become your field of expertise and honor what you feel. – Richard Silvia

These are great reminders from fellow blogger Richard Silvia. As a sensitive person, I’ve had to learn self-care the hard way and not always understanding why I can be drained and overwhelmed in crowds. Richard calls nature the ultimate Rx and I agree. Additionally, he suggests intentions, creativity, connection and rest to recharge so that we can be our best and offer our gifts to the world. Thanks Richard.

Street Books

We are committed to providing good literature and conversations for those who are pushed to the margins. ~ Laura Moulton

Street Books is a wonderful project started by Laura Moulton to bring books to people living on the streets or at the margins of life in Portland, Oregon. I love her compassion in using books as a way to help us connect and serve street people differently. She brings the books to them on a bike following a set schedule so people know when they can check out or return a book. People are allowed to sign out any books they want on an honor system. This is one of the many aspects of her approach that brings dignity and compassion to people living on the streets. Kudos Laura!

Cultivating Awe

Homaira Kabir talks about the need to cultivate awe in the workplace. Typically, most workplaces focus on efficiency, profitability and other production oriented measures. Most of us have felt awe, the sense of wonder at a world so vast and mysterious. Homaira describes it as a mix of both fear and excitement. A good leader or mentor can help us hold these contrasting energies to open us to new possibilities. She suggests they encourage employees to explore mindfulness, art, nature, purpose and other more altruistic approaches to work. The paradox is that awe can’t be created at will. At best we can cultivate an openness or way of being that allows room for awe in our lives and work. What do you think? I’m all for awe, but not convinced that it can be cultivated, especially at work.

May your week be touched by compassion, self-care, and awe. 


41 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 303

  1. Awesome once again, Brad! The story of the geodesic dome reminded me of Buckminster’s suggestion that large cities be covered completely in an air-conditioned dome, as it could provide a pleasant environment for the whole city at less cost than conditioning each individual building. Ha! I’m never tried to do the math on that one, but he was such a radical thinker! That dome and house look amazing–like a perfect marriage of efficiency and sensibility.

    As to awe, I think maybe that is like Beginner’s Mind? Seeing things anew, free of our past interpretations and perceptions, can bring this awe to the surface naturally I think…

    Thanks for another great batch of inspiration!

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  2. The house under the dome is interesting. I would be afraid if one of those panes would break if they do. The streetbook library is awesome. In our community they are cropping up. The only difference is the book shelf has glass doors and a roof to keep out the elements. It is an outreach to the community who wants to read.

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  3. Fantastic post – great content and concepts, and what leaped out from the page at me instantly was the phrase: Self-Care for Sensitive People. What a great way to approach living – I’ve never thought of myself in those terms, but I do live within those terms. Your choice of subsequent quote:
    Own the word “sensitive”; let it become your field of expertise and honor what you feel. – Richard Silvia,
    was delicious. I lingered long and absorbed much in this. Peace, Harlon

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  4. Loved your first story, I have not as yet visited the others Brad.. But I see these dome house structures being built in the future.. Simply because I feel that our weather patterns and winds will start to increase in speed.. So our normal square will not stand the pressure of wind..
    It serves dual purposes.. as it acts as insulation in winter.. a green house and shield..
    Many thanks for finding these gems..

    Love to you and have a great Sunday.. 🙂

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  5. The house looks amazing! I like the idea of having nature house like this. The design reminds me of Rotterdam’s Solar-Powered Floating Pavilion. The pavilions are housing project – which hopefully will be the housing future in Rotterdam 🙂

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  6. I love the street books video – really love it. There’s something about trust, genuine trust with an object both perceive to be precious, that is remarkably nourishing and healing when it comes to broken self-worth. This is about so much more than books. It’s about very directly challenging dangerous assumptions, and outwardly demonstrating, to those involved and any witnesses, that those assumptions are profoundly untrue. Fantastically awesome story collection my friend!!! Blessings, Harula xxx

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  7. Great stories, Brad. The Street Books is a wonderful project. And I agree with you that cultivating awe in the workplace has its limits. In leading organizational change for many years I would have loved to be able to cultivate awe in those workplaces….not an easy task 🙂

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    • Thanks Helen. I’d love to hear more about the kinds of organizational change you worked on. In the 80s I was fascinated by the early OD ideas to start valuing people as an asset. Awe would be an awesome value to inject into the mix!


  8. LOVE all these!! Had to show husby the geodesic dome article. 🙂 And mindfulness at work – YES!! I came across an article about using mindfulness with children and I DEFINITELY want to start incorporating that with them. 🙂
    Hope you’re well. I’m a little behind in commenting and posting this week: I just have had a whirlwind week – but I’m catching up. Thank you for always sharing these! Have a wonderful day!

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  9. I never cease to be amazed and inspired by the people of Norway. I especially love the meaning of this family’s last name, Heart Followers. The love and passion in their hearts shine through both their physical creation and their mental attitudes, perseverance, and ingenuity. Thanks for sharing, Brad – have an “awesome” week!

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