Pillars of Light

Pillars of Light

light pillars, poetry, photography


light pillars glowing

beams raining from the heavens

my heart is shining


This awesome photo was taken by Timothy Joseph Elzinga in northern Ontario. His photo captures a phenomenon called light pillars which appear when light bounces off ice crystals floating close to the ground. Maybe it’s a cover story for aliens who are beaming rays of light down to the earth.  XD  However it happens, I think it’s awesome!


47 thoughts on “Pillars of Light

  1. I love the whimsical nature of your thoughts, the balance between logical scientific explanation and paranormal possibilities. Both are necessary, in my eyes – a desire to understand as well as a desire to just be and absorb everything surrounding us without the need to comprehend.

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  2. I love your words! “beams raining from the heavens” is such a stunning image. Each time I have been lucky enough to witness the Northern Lights, it has been a truly Otherworldly experience. I hear music in them so for me it’s like the heavens is raining beams of light and sound, truly awesome and humbling to feel connected to their beauty. Shiny heart indeed!

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