Creating Community

Creating Community
community, poetry, relationships


striving for personal gain

can be such a lonely game

why not try community

living based on unity

connecting me to you

in oneness so true


I am so thankful for the rich diversity of community here on WordPress. And even more grateful for the love and support that are routinely offered and shared. I’ve been following the work of Christian Pankhurst who is a life coach who helps people connect to their heart intelligence learning to create healthy relationships by loving and integrating all of the aspects of your inner world. Living from heart, we are able to create better communication and relationships. His latest project is called Humanity 3.0 realizing that the key to healthy living is community. We are not meant to live alone or independent, yet so much of our modern life is about skills to improve self and skills for independence. Christian believes this causes our stress and most of the problems in the world. We need systems based on community, not independence, personal gain, financial freedom, happiness, enlightenment and all the other goals we are offered by the current systems.

Let’s create communities that support us in being part of a larger whole, embodying oneness and connection.

To peace, hugs, and community! 


24 thoughts on “Creating Community

  1. I love your poem Brad.. and its great to be part of our own Heart WordPress Network.. Good to see some one in the UK is embarking upon bringing our hearts together within the community Spirit..
    Thank you Brad… May we continue to be ONE in our aim for Peace and Harmony.. xxx

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  2. Love that community is finally getting some good press. Respecting those links and bonds is the first step towards solving a lot of other problems in our world. Thanks for sharing!


    • Hi Aprille and thanks for connecting. I agree and it’s up to us to create better communities and relationships. I happen to think listening and open communication are very important to the process. It sounds like you’re learning a lot about your new community in Nova Scotia. blessings, Brad

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  3. Stephen Covey spoke of an emotional maturity spectrum. On the far left side is dependence followed by Independence and finally culminating in interdependence. Dependence and independence are necessary and important stepping stones along the path, but our ultimate destination, if you will, is having the principles, values, and respect of self and others to “need” each other in a very interdependent and synergistic way where the sum of what we create and who we are is so much greater than the sum of the parts. Wonderful poem to complement an inspiring idea by Christian, thanks for sharing!

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    • I’ve read articles that suggest that link and specifically there is much research that shows addiction is not about the drug, but a need for connection. Giving and receiving love, connection and creating relationships and community seem to the root of many problems in the world.

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