Lay Down Your Words

Lay Down Your Words


assign the label and dividewise words, poetry

make sure to bash the other side

the battle lines are drawn

hate rages from dusk to dawn

when egos and emotions are enraged

hearts are usually disengaged


lay down your ego, hurt and belief

open your mind and heart to relief

see your enemy as harmless

a person in need of love no less

finding bridges of humanity

will return us to sanity


I wrote this poem during the intensity of the US political campaigns. Sadly, the name calling and divisiveness continue. Too few of our leaders, groups, media or we the people are talking about how to work together. We tend to divide ourselves with labels based on fear, hurt, and judgment. Let’s return to love, remember that we are one human family and learn to live in harmony.

I choose to look upon others with compassion, remembering they are but a reflection of me and our shared humanity. The keys to finding our common humanity are willingness, reaching out in curiosity, listening deeply and seeking to understand each other.

Choose your words carefully or lay them down and simply listen. I choose peace and love. How about you?


16 thoughts on “Lay Down Your Words

  1. Oh, Brad. I wish the same, but I know it is a tough row to hoe. It’s a poisoned well now. The majority now feels betrayed by the minority (of voters who chose him), and people who feel betrayed often find it hard to empathize with the very people they feel made this happen.
    So many couples, so many families, so many friendships, broken by this election. It will take time, but I sincerely hope Americans can come together around something good. We in Canada care very much about America and Americans, and not just because we share a border. Many of us have American family and friends. You matter a great deal to us.

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    • Thank you for your thoughtful words and caring Cynthia. I know many people feel hurt. And I hope we can find ways to heal, grow up and work together. The divisiveness only serves the people who want us distracted from the bigger issues and our mutual interests.

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