Turkey Tribute

Turkey Tribute
Thanksgiving, satire


turkeys falling like gifts from the sky

as American as apple pie

giving thanks is why we celebrate this day

marking a day to get out of our own way

fatten the birds to stuff and dress

look out kitchen here comes the mess

a bountiful meal with potatoes, cranberry, and pie

the family eating like they’re going to die

now that we’re fully replete

it’s time for shopping to compete


Thanksgiving, humor


Satire aside, I want to thank my blogging family. This blog has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. I have been blogging over 5 years with about 650 posts, 17,000 visitors, thousands of comments and most importantly, many heartfelt connections. My community has grown beyond anything I ever imagined. I don’t think I’m a great writer, but I do care and share from the heart. I’ve learned a lot about myself and how good it feels to help lift others up. Despite very hard times personally, I’ve persisted in weekly posting, reading and commenting. My blogging commitment has helped me grow in my capacity for persistence, compassion, and patience. This journey has greatly enriched me and my life. I hope you find value in being part of this community as we explore creativity, compassion, ideas and tools for living better lives.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

I am very grateful for my readers, friends, and travel mates for this journey called life that we share via our blogging.

I hope you have friends and family to share the bounty of Thanksgiving. Some years when I didn’t have family plans, I’ve served meals at local shelters and churches. I feel good sharing and helping others, which is a good lesson for me. May we appreciate what we have, fill our hearts with love and share our bounty. #TogetherWeRise

Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings to you and yours!


23 thoughts on “Turkey Tribute

  1. Ah! Yes…..
    I am so happy to share this adventure with you Brad, and I am so grateful for this forum which ultimately led us to be connected. I know that you have gone through some tough times, but you hung in there and you always lend a hand to a friend in need…giving inspiring words of comfort and joy. I am grateful…thankful…full of Blessitude!! I wish you a wonderful day and send you my energy of Thanksgiving!! Much love ❤

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  2. Brad the pleasure my friend flies straight back to you,, It’s been my pleasure to know you and your heartfelt posts.. And I can hand on heart say you are one of my own most faithful of followers my friend.. And I congratulate you on your growing readership…
    Your blog is a pure pleasure to read..

    Loved your Turkey tribute and we now have Black Friday to follow it up for desert here in the UK.. lol.. Have a wonderful weekend.. and Hope you enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving Day..
    Hugs and Love Sue xxx

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  3. I smiled at your Turkey Tribute – so accurate 🙂 I love the good in Thanksgiving, but dread the shopping frenzy that actually started last night…I better stay at the saltmarsh. Thank you for your wonderful posts and for being part of our tiny ‘bird community’.

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  4. Hey, Brad! It’s me, Cynthia. 🙂 Been away for awhile creating a new website. But, I’m back and it’s great to see you. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Awesome satire. 😉
    And wonderful to see how many posts you’ve had and how many awesome things and connections you’ve done. All that hard work really does add up. 🙂


    • Thanks for reaching out and being part of my tribe Cynthia. I enjoyed a quiet Thanksgving, connecting with a few folks locally and online. It looks like you’ve been busy re-creating yourself, again. 🙂 Kudos on your new site and evolving journey.


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