How to Heal Our Country

Susanna offers us some very poignant and wise reminders on how we might heal our country. As she suggests, it will take hard work, filled with compassion, grace, real conversation with the “others”, seeking to understand. Only with compassionate communication and real connections do we stand a chance of writing better stories for ourselves, our country and our world.

Will you join us?
blessings, Brad



unity-1767664_1920It has been 12 days since the election. I have been sitting with it all, not sure what to say, think, write. Everyone has something to say. It’s hard for me to take it all in, to sit and listen to all the opinions and facts and projections and fears and hopes and anger and glee. I wish I was a better orator and had the intelligence and grace to know how I feel and what I think about all this, and espouse eloquently.

Then I remember I am a writer, a storyteller. So I can do that, I can tell you a story. I will tell you a story, because the one thing I do know post-election 2016, is that I want each of you to write your own story instead of reading other people’s stories. This is the one thing I do know. My voice needs to be…

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