Vote for Love

Vote for Lovevote, choice, love


what are you voting for

fear and division or love and inclusion

releasing the need to judge

beyond ideas of right and wrong

I’ll meet you there

where we become one in mind and heart

a beautiful tapestry of human diversity

singing the songs of family


May you vote for love by consoling each fearful heart, and easing the anger that no longer is required to inspire your most conscious choices. ~ Matt Kahn 

Let’s wake up to our common humanity with humility and compassion; reaching out in curiosity, deep listening, open hearts, and seeking to include all. Then we can discover the reflection of me in you. We may find common fears, judgments, frailties, and humanity as well as the beauty of another person expressing life their own way. Choose love and vote for peace, unity and inclusion.

Matt Kahn offers a graceful look at how we can vote for love with each choice by standing for what we want, releasing the need to fight what we don’t want. He reminds us that we can hold the loving space for change to happen without fighting what we don’t like.

And here’s an insightful look at how we empower ourselves with choice and responsibility called The Morning After Pill. I appreciate Christi walking the talk and then sharing how she did it.



18 thoughts on “Vote for Love

  1. You have my vote Brad.. and I have listened to Matt Khan and his wonderful philosophy of life before and I was impressed.
    May we become One MIND and One HEART Brad.. I loved your poem and the photo, May we learn and grow as we learn to Change ourselves from within if we want to see the Changes form out there.. ❤

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