Vote your Values

Vote your Values

We face very important choices for our future, today and every day, not just on election your values

I have been rallying for Jill Stein based on my desire for a government that better serves the people, valuing people and planet over profits. At times, I feel fiery and angry over many things relative to this election. Anger that Bernie didn’t win, and then embraced Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Anger that so many progressives don’t seem to acknowledge Hillary’s history of aligning with the elite, corporations and war hawks.

And I’ve also been waking up to the realization that nothing is more important than my peace and finding ways to move forward in kindness. I want to help create a better world for all. Only peace and love can do that, not more fighting, whether with words or weapons. As Daniella Egnew states, we need evolution, not revolution.

We are in need of the feminine reflection of revolution, the protection and nurturing of the space to grow into something better. ~ Danielle Egnew

Danielle offers a wonderful reminder that we must find better ways to move forward. The old ways of using the male energies of force, coercion and manipulation have not worked very well for people or the planet. Now is the time of feminine evolution, using love, cooperation, and receptivity to unify and move forward. It will be a shift in consciousness over time. First, we must let go of blame, anger, fear and divisiveness. Then we must seek humility, unity, cooperation and higher good.

Please vote your values in this election.

If there was ever an important time to align with higher values, this is it. The two party system was built on controlling the media and masses, putting the power in corporations and the elite. Let’s build new systems to empower the masses and protect the planet. We may not like the current system and choices, but we have the power to create reform. I voted for Jill Stein and the Green Party to help get them the 5% vote hurdle in order to receive funding that would give them access to state ballots, funding for future campaigns and the base to build a movement.

values, vote, politicsMy values, like Jill Stein’s, are to create more peace, equality, justice, criminal justice reform, legalize marijuana, build a green economy, and protect people and planet. It is time to let go of wars, fossil fuels, corporate control, and elitism.

Then continue to vote your values every day with your words, actions, purchases, investments and more. Get involved with local politics, join groups that inspire you, and share your values and visions with kindness. And remember that your purchases are votes for the types of people, products, and companies that you want to support.

And no matter who wins, remember that we are in this together. Sometimes the best thing we can offer is love in the various forms of listening, kindness, acceptance and stillness.

Last night I participated in a “Meditation for the Election” initiated by the Institute for Global Transformation. The idea is to infuse the energies of peace and love into our hearts, magnified by group coherence, and send that out to our citizens, leaders and country. First we still our minds and body, then align with love, imagining our citizens infused with wisdom and love, bringing greater understanding and purpose to this election in order to vote for the best outcomes for America and humanity.

Meditation will continue to be important after the election as we move into a time of change and moving forward. Please consider adding your love and energy. 

Similarly, I will participate in another group meditation called Elevate the Vote which is promoting meditation flash mobs at polling stations around the US during voting times Tuesday evening at 3PM PST or 6PM EST.

After the elections, the real work begins. We will need to find ways to heal and unify, moving forward in life and politics. Here’s another great suggestion from actor Tony Goldwyn; apply kindness to every choice and action you make.

To peace, love and kindness. Together we rise. 


14 thoughts on “Vote your Values

  1. So appreciate all that you are BEING and tuning into peace and love… Every intention adds to New Earth that we are consciously creating from within… no matter what happens without. We are watching over you all in excitement from Europe x

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  2. Brilliant Brad.. The media here has been full of the election news today.. But do you know.. The one word that I heard over and over again.. Was the word HEAL..
    It is time to heal differences.. it is time to Heal prejudices, it is time to heal communities, and divisions of class, it is time to heal our countries.. ( here too in the UK,, massive changes are taking shape.. ) Change is what the Will of the people are now asking for both sides of the pond..
    Let that change be the chance to HEAL…
    We are living through these times of change.. And we both know change is uncomfortable, it brings us out of our comfort zones.. But this world is evolving and so too are its political arena’s

    Loved the video Brad.. and for stating these Values ALL of us should be voting for..

    Love and Blessings
    Sue ❤

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  3. I am happy that you vote as what you believe in. No matter the results, it does matter. I wish the independent parties get more space in the media..they offered different perspective and great learning on issues that often forgotten in present days..

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  4. It is dismaying that more people did not follow this advice and vote their values, but it is even more dismaying that people who compromised their values in voting for Hillary Clinton are now scapegoating and vilifying those who compromised their values in voting for Trump. In the same way that Trump voters were deceived by a demagogue, Hillary voters were deceived by a cold, calculating, career politician. In the end the Establishment succeeded in their goal of dividing us, and no matter which candidate won, we all lost. We must awaken to the realization that the political divisions in our country are manufactured by those who seek to divide us. I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment that this can be overcome through love, cooperation, and reception rather than force, coercion and manipulation. I am, however, skeptical of the categorization of these techniques as feminine versus masculine. Nonetheless, I think the ideas espoused in this post are crucial to the survival of not only this country, but our entire species.


    • Hi David. Thanks for caring and offering your thoughtful reply. I mostly agree with your premises. I don’t pretend to have all the answers. And I do believe that more open, honest and respectful dialog between people with different ideas will help. Maybe then we can find common ground to build on. I hope you will invite conversations in your community. I agree that our survival might depend on working to build bridges rather than keep dividing us.
      thanks, Brad

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