Awesome Stories 288

This week Awesome Stories brings you baby morality, junk food, magical living and Little Pantries.

Born Good?

This is a fun video commercial created by the Canadian group called People for Good to show how silly it is to label babies as good or bad. Further, they believe, as I do, that we are born good. Watch this fun reminder that we’re all born good and it’s never too late to be good!

The second video takes a more serious look at the same question by studying the behavior of babies. Dr. Karen Wynn is in charge of the Baby Lab at the Yale University Infant Cognition Center. Their studies seem to demonstrate a universal moral core and innate sense of justice in all babies, even from a very young age. What do you think? Are we born good or are some people born bad?

Real Junk Food

There are so many things I love about this project. The Real Junk Food Project opened the first supermarket in England with reclaimed food  offered to the public on a pay as you can basis. Adam Smith wanted to address the food waste problem and help families in need. The store is full of many of the same products found in regular supermarkets, except that they are near expiration, or have dinged or dented packaging. Adam’s goal is to have locations with groceries and produce all over England. Hopefully, we’ll see these markets popping up all over the US and Europe. Locally, we have a number of groups addressing food waste, including LifeSource, where I volunteer.

Living with Magiclove, magic, nature

This is a touching article about a beautiful woman named Anne Veh who injects ordinary life with love and magic. Anne has learned through challenges how to look for and nurture the beauty in the world and people around her. She has a gift for bringing out the hidden gifts and magic to share with others. One of my favorite parts of the article describes her work with Steve Karlin of the Wild Life sanctuary in Half Moon Bay. There she learns how to tap into the healing powers of animals, trees and nature. Anne is clearly a passionate and gifted facilitator of love and magic. The article is long, but heart warming.

The Little Free Pantry

Jessica McClard found a passion for helping neighbors in need. Jessica lives in Arkansas, where 1 in 4 families is affected by food insecurity. Jessica’s clever idea is to create Little Free Pantries, similar to the Little Free Library movement. Each Little Pantry is a place to donate food and supplies. The idea is simple; anyone can give or take items at any time. Her idea has caught on fire, spreading throughout NW Arkansas and the country with news on Facebook, Huffington Post and more. Just this week, Little Free Pantry was awarded a $50,000 grant by the Walmart Foundation. Clearly, people love this idea to address food security in our neighborhoods, one pantry at a time.

May we feed each other, body and soul. Have a magical week!


25 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 288

  1. Beautiful video’s Brad, and yes I believe in GOOD.. Also so loved reading the story of Living with Magic and learning more about Anne.. So loved her description of dancing with the trees with the love rock.. 🙂
    Awesomeness at its best Brad.. ❤

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  2. Thank you for another superb post. I believe that all babies are born innocent and beautiful….it is the nurturing (or lack of) and environment that then moulds us into who we become. Of course we have inborn traits….but how we are treated….can override so much.
    As for becoming more sustainable with regards to food….it’s a must – it’s vital….When I was born there were just of one billion people on this earth….now there are over seven billion…and rising.. We are mad to think that if we continue as we are…that life as we know it will be sustainable.
    It’s so lovely to read stories about people who are making a real difference….thank you and hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend…janet:)

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  3. Reblogged this on Anything is Possible! and commented:
    Sharing some interesting “Awesome Stories” collected by Brad at Writing to Freedom. The question about whether we’re born good or bad or a blank slate has been coming up for me a lot over the past year or two as some (not all) of my Christian friends believe we are born with “a sinful nature.” That just doesn’t feel right to me. I adopted the blank slate belief in college, but it’s certainly possible that we’re born with preferences those who will treat us well and protect us.

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