grace, beauty, haiku



a beautiful gift

you bring blessings from above

thanks for your presence


Grace has been on my mind. It is a word with so many beautiful meanings and associations. The definitions I found online are; 1-elegance of movement, 2- free and unmerited blessings from God, and 3- to honor someone with your presence. For me, grace embodies all these definitions and more. It represents beauty, flow, patience and kindness. All character traits that I would like to embody more than I do.

So how do we develop grace? Or can we? Maybe grace is truly an unmerited gift that some people have and some don’t. I know some people who exude the qualities that we think of as grace like Jaqueline Kennedy, Cary Grant and Grace Kelly. But were they born with grace or did they do things to develop it? What do you think?

Do you have any friends who exude grace and bless you simply with their presence?

The ones I’ve met do have elusive qualities that bless with their presence.

May you be blessed with grace! 


27 thoughts on “Grace

  1. Ah! Brad, you have touched on a subject that is near and dear to my heart!! It is a beautiful word…a wonderful thing to witness. I think, as a name, it is the most incredible blessing to a beautiful little girl. Yes…I don’t know if it a gift that is made a conception or something you can learn…but I do know that everybody recognizes it when they see it!! Blessings dear friend ❤

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  2. I have a Great niece who is named Grace, she is 4.. and is filled with her namesake.. When we meet those filled with Grace I think we come to know the meaning of the word..
    Many thanks Brad..
    I find your posts are often filled with this feeling.. 🙂 Thank you

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  3. Grace, like an aura, is the radiance of a person happy to be himself/herself… it’s made of intuition, beauty and balance.
    Grace is unconditional love, flawless style and attitude…
    I really like the way you see graceful people, Brad!
    Warm hugs

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  4. One of my favourite words, and a very precious quality. That ‘unmerited’ aspect is the challenge for me, for I feel grace is bestowed on me often and I sometimes struggle to receive it because I feel I ought to earn it…but that’s the whole point – I don’t, I can’t! It is far too big to ‘earn’ in any earthly way, so I guess I ought simply to offer gratitude instead of trying to find ways to repay those magical moments. Grace has a power and strength that belies its gentle elegance. Yes, I am blessed to have several people in my life whose presence alone is a great gift. Thanks for this stirring post…Blessings, Harula xxx

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    • You are most welcome Harula. I understand about feeling worthy and how to accept moments of grace, magic and blessings. I believe we are all worthy of love and blessings, and don’t have to “earn” them. Grace is a gift, but I don’t think we can chase it or force it happening. blessings to you and yours…


  5. Very interesting 🙂 Another person seen by many to have a lot of grace is the late Princess Diana. I find there is something captivating and mysterious about a person with “grace” – like you say “blessings from God”. Btw: my gorgeous cat is called Grace. She has that “je ne sais quoi”, which is why she got this beautiful name while her 2 brothers got stuck with more “typically” sounding cat names 😉 Blessings, Sam 🙂

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