Strawberry Moonbeams

Strawberry Moonbeams

Full Moon Madness

Strawberry Moon photo by North Watt

The strawberry moonbeams stir fruitful dreams!  🙂


The photo above was taken by North Watt, a local stone balancer, philosopher and photographer. Gravity Whispers is a website featuring photos of the unique and temporal art of stone balancing. Explore and enjoy!

It was a beautiful full moon last night. The full moon was called a strawberry moon by the Algonquin Native American tribe because it occurred around the time of the strawberry harvest. Additionally, the overlap of the full moon and summer solstice happens only once a generation, so I hope you got to see it! If not, here are some other great photos from ABC News.

strawberry moonRT_strawberry_moon3_ml_160621_4x3_992GTY_strawberry_moon1_ml_160621_4x3_992


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