Great Falls National Park

Great Falls National ParkGreat Falls National Park

fast waters calling

great falls roaring with power

danger in the air


beauty, park, falls

Visiting the Great Falls National Park is a nice treat, especially since it is about 15 miles from where my mother lives. I try to visit each time I go back east to see my family. I appreciate it more now that I’ve moved away. It has a nice mix of river scenes, open vistas, woods, hidden creeks that feed the Potomac River, and lots of picnic areas. The falls were very active and dangerous on this visit due to the heavy rainfall. Kayakers often take advantage of the higher water levels to play and challenge themselves, but I’ve never tried. If you’re ever in the Washington DC area, I highly recommend the Great Falls National Park. The park extends to both the Virginia and Maryland sides of the Potomac River, which is also the boundary between the two states. Both sides are “great” and often busy. Weekdays are a better time to go.Β Great Falls Park


32 thoughts on “Great Falls National Park

  1. Your photos are beautiful! Like you noticed with my posts, I’d have to say the same about yours: there’s a levity and peace here. It sounds like this journey has been just what you needed. You’re on a roll! I gotta go visit Great Falls now. πŸ™‚

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  2. Wow…I lived in Md. but never went….What a shame. Frankly didn’t even know it was there. Oh well, I used to live five minutes from Assateague National Seashore in Md. which was always nice to go to and see the ponies ( Misty of Chincoteague ponies)…Glad you went. It sure looks both beautiful and peaceful….Keep enjoying Brad! VK πŸ™‚

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  3. My turn….
    comes from Germany. This `WaterfallparkΒ΄ is really impressing.
    The fotos inspiring me to visit your area.
    At the Moment I`m sitting here in Germany having my cup of tea in the morning as usual.
    Writing for freedom is `wonderfulΒ΄!
    See you!

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  4. Beautiful photos Brad! I wonder how the park is after the crazy storms and floods in West Virginia. I was very close to that area this week…will have to schedule a stop next time I’m in the area πŸ™‚

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      • I have been to DC many times, and visited so many of the museums….all of which I thought were excellent…the one with the planetarium comes to mind as being very special…as was the Holocaust museum which I visited right after it opened…and there are so many more. I lived and worked in the states for 28 years and both my children went to Quaker schools in Pa….and one visit I remember very clearly was when I chaperoned the 6th grade from Westtown School – when my son was there to DC…oh my did we have fun:) A fantastic city…have a lovely weekend. Janet. πŸ™‚

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