Awesome Stories 273

This week Awesome Stories brings you healing with nature, creative wisdom, Peace Fleece and aerial dance.

Healing with Nature

white river, goshen AR

The White River near Goshen, AR

Research is proving what many of us already know; that time in nature is good for us. Scientists are finding evidence that being in nature has a strong impact on our brains and our behavior, helping us to reduce anxiety and stress, while increasing our attention, creativity and connection with other people. Thoreau, Muir and many other naturalists have been touting the benefits of time in nature for over a century, but now we have hard science to back us up! And beyond the rational benefits, time in nature feeds my soul. How about you? Have you ever felt your worries drop and your spirit soar by simply being in nature? Spending time in nature was the start of my passion for sustainability, photography and fitness. Not a bad return on my investment!

Compassion and Creativitywisdom, peace, creativity

Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter are two bright lights in the world of music. In this nesthq article, they share their collective wisdom from years of working to become better people, not just better musicians. I find their values and tips refreshing, urging young people to use their creativity to become better people, striving for compassion, understanding and peace. They offer tips on finding your humanity, walking the less traveled path, welcoming the unknown, learning from failure and keeping wonder alive. My vision is that we walk with our brothers and sisters from all over the world to become one world family. Thanks for the tips Herbie and Wayne!

Peace Fleece

This is a wonderful story of a caring and service. Peter Hagerty joined the navy and was later discharged due to his commitment to integrity and discomfort with what he saw in the military. Creating Peace Fleece was his attempt to protest the Cold War and the threat of nuclear war. Peter and his wife Marty started buying yarn from the Soviet Union in hopes of diffusing the tensions between the US and Russia. Initially, he was lost in a sea of anger and darkness, but gradually as they’ve built the business, his views on life have softened and matured. They view knitting and other traditional crafts as ways to support community and slowing down to contemplate life and peace. Now, instead of trying to save the world, they’re simply trying to be of service and know they lived a good life. Kudos to Peter and Marty.

Dancing in the Sky

I would love to try this. Bandaloop is known for their acrobatic dance routines. They’re a mix of acrobatics, dance and rock climbing. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

May your week be full of peace, creativity, dance and nature! blessings, Brad 



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