Awesome Stories 264

This week Awesome Stories brings you integrated art, joyful commutes, happiness clubs, purposeful comics and acceptance.

Integrated Artintegrated arts, Awesome Stories

Schools around the country are experimenting with art as a creative way to teach other subjects. The arts (dance, visual and drama) are being used creatively to engage students rather than being a stand-alone subject. By using multiple senses and movement, the learning is embodied, reaching more students, especially ones who don’t do well with traditional book learning. Teachers in Westlawn Elementary in Fairfax County, VA (where I grew up!) are using art to help teach kindergarten students math. Early feedback shows the children learning math quicker and easier. I’m delighted to see this program coming to public schools. It’s been used in Montessori and Waldorf schools for years!

The Art of Acceptance

I’m sure most of us have heard of the idea to not take what others say and do personally. Of course, it’s much easier to say than do when someone is making hurtful comments or lashing out in pain. I like the way Dr. Shemsi Prinzivalli explains the fine art of taking no offense. And he makes a great point that we don’t have to point out their suffering or give advice. We can simply listen, accept, say thank you and move on. When we aren’t attached, there is nothing to hook us. Here’s my take on accepting and flowing with life.

Joyful Commute

Riders on this Copenhagen Metro were treated to a performance by the Copenhagen Philharmonic. Watch how the passengers open and blossom while listening to this delightful performance. That’s my idea of a fun commute!

Comics for Refugees

The International Medial Corps has created a series of comic books to help refugee children deal with displacement. This seems like a caring and creative way to help the children learn about topics like health, safety and well-being. The books were written by International Medical Corps staff and illustrated by Syrian comic book artist Diala Brisly. The comics include education messages for Syrian and Iraqi children, written within a story the children can relate to.

Happiness Clubshappiness clubs, Awesome Stories

Colleges around the country are forming clubs to promote the spread of happiness. It’s a great solution to the stresses of college life. Two of the schools leading the way with clubs like Northwestern’s Happiness Club and Standford’s Happiness Collective. Standford’s group has creative programs like kindness fairs, hug booths and other self-care habits. I love that these programs are helping to balance the typical focus on achievement above all else with the understanding that happy people are healthier and more productive. Plus kindness has it’s own rewards! 🙂

May we find peace and happiness in accepting ourselves and others as they are. Blessings, Brad 




21 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 264

  1. As always, great positive articles!!! Love the integration of art into other subjects…from my perspective that’s a big “Duh!!” Art was more integrated where and when I went to school (yes that was a place and time far, far away)….was so disappointed raising our girls how it had been put to the back burner…thanks for sharing!!

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