Awesome Stories 263

This week Awesome Stories brings you Airstream dreams, lasting relationships, $20,000 homes, word power and evolving medicine.

Airstream Dreams

This is one of the coolest remodels that I’ve seen. I love his sense of style, efficiency and orientation for simplicity. I must admit to having Airstream lust. Maybe Jordan will sell it to me! Check out his awesome Airstream home.

Lasting Relationships

Sadly only 3 in 10 couples remain happy in their relationships. According to this article on lasting relationships, the key seems to be a spirit of kindness. Couples that enjoy each other and remain together practice two key things; kindness and turning toward each other. Relationships that fall apart have developed a habit of stress in the relationship. whereas couples that thrive have developed a habit of turning toward each other. This means they physically, mentally and emotionally move toward their partners, even in conflict. And underlying everything is a spirit of kindness that serves as a glue for relationships. Read the article for more great tips.

$20,000 HomesSerenbe, Awesome Stories

Ever since visiting the woods in northern Georgia in 1991, Steve and Marie Nygren had a vision of creating a community based on connection to nature, art, education, agriculture and health. They’ve been working to create this grand vision in Serenbe, a gorgeous planned community in northern GA. Nygren also is working with Rural Studios to create affordable homes in Serenbe. Their goal is to have homes that are livable, energy efficient and accessible with a price target of only $20,000. So far, they have built two of these affordable homes. And they plan to have about 70% of the landscaping as edible. I would love to see this community. How about you?

The Power of Words

This article by author Matt de la Peña really touched me. His story of how reading and writing opened up new worlds, helping him to process his feelings all resonate for me. First through reading, then journaling, and now writing with my blog, have opened doors of awareness, allowing me to better understand myself and others. I love Matt’s story of how reading changed first his life, then his father’s life. I’m glad to hear that authors like Matt are writing books to help teens better handle their lives.

Evolving Medicine

I’m glad to see that traditional medicine is evolving and embracing the principles of natural health, along with ancient wisdom. It’s about time our medical systems focused more on creating health and less on treating disease. This article is filled with tips and insights on how our medical system is evolving to integrate ancient healing wisdom, spirituality, modern science and energy work. The article offers insights from medicine, psychology and anthropology. The foundations for creating health are quality foods, water, exercise, attitude, relationships and purpose in our lives. Here are my Top 7 Healthy Habits.

May these stories aid your quest for health and happiness.






35 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 263

  1. Wow, thanks so much for sharing these. I worked in a high school in California last year very much like the one described in Matt de la Peña’s article. I think many of us can relate to it in general as readers and writers, but to have it connect to me on so many different levels truly made it special.

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  2. Hi Brad,

    I love the idea of edible landscaping. Keep the deer and the squirrels happy! Ha! Also the idea that medicine is changing. It’s funny… the modern experts are discussing ideas that have been with us for centuries. It will be great for all of us when established institutions balance their own needs with simple truths…


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  3. Thanks for posting this, truly awesome! Love how the Airstream got a facelift, however not everything there is done on a small budget. I caught a glimpse of a built-in refrigerator; these cost. As well as any built-in appliance.


  4. Loved how the Airstream home was transformed.. remarkable makeover inside..

    Glad I am one of those lucky 3 in 10 🙂

    Yes I would love to see the community of those wonderful $20,000 homes
    Loved all of your awesomeness again Brad.. I hope you also continue to have an Awesome week..
    Love and Blessings my dear friend 🙂

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  5. There is such truth to the lasting relationship article…my wife and I will be celebrating our 42 anniversary next month…we feel so blessed (and yes we got married in college…I’m old, but not that old…lol)

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  6. I hope that cob houses will have their time to shine soon. You can build them for cheaper than 20K. My great grandparents bought their first house, back in nineteen-twenty-something, for $10,000!!! A beautiful two-story brick house in Maryland that would now be $350,000+ minimum. Even adjusting for inflation, 10K back then would be like 135K now, so what the heck, the cost of housing is out of control.


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