Blessings Flowing – #Blesstival2016

Blessings Flowing – #Blesstival2016

This post is part of #Blesstival2016 to spread a wave of blessings around the globe. Created by Jamie of Sophie’s Children, the idea is to create and share a wave of blessings flowing around the globe. If you’re interested in adding your voice to the wave of blessings, then check out Jamie’s post on Blog Blesstival. Thanks to Sue at Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary for sharing about this festival of blessings.

Abundant Blessingsflow, poetry, #blesstival2016

flowing and growing

never withholding

simply giving freely

supporting our lives ideally

a righteous cycle of giving

allowing us to go on living

a model of love

enjoying gifts from above


as a spark of life#Blesstival2016

we enter the world free of strife

flowing from heart to heart

offering a fresh new start

once we surrender to the flow

our lives will magically grow


the gifts of life grow

when open in gratitude

unified with life


Peace, love and many blessings! Β  Β πŸ™‚





35 thoughts on “Blessings Flowing – #Blesstival2016

  1. I can see where your idea of “flowing” this year really resonates in this brilliant piece, Brad. When I first heard that word, I immediately imagined water and your pictures do a wonderful service to the beautiful words. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Beautiful contribution here Brad.. Never Withholding, simply giving freely πŸ™‚ Love those lines… That is what you do here so well Brad.. You share your love, your empathy and your joy… I hope you are experiencing a wonderful turn around of energy this New Year.. Have a lovely weekend my friend.. and thank you for all you share and all the love and kindness you bring to Dreamwalker’s πŸ™‚ ❀

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