Riding the Wild Pony of Spontaneity

Riding the Wild Pony of Spontaneity

And now for some Fucktastic News!spontaneity, living with zest

I don’t really have big news, I just like writing this new word and letting my muse get a little wild. The word is made up by Allison Marie of Glory Begin. If you don’t know Allison, buckle up and prepare for a wild ride! She is boldlyΒ authentic with a clear and juicy voice. Be warned, there will be lots of swearing and potty mouth. Sometimes it bothers me, but I love her authenticity and passion. Allison is full of life and definitely true to herself. She’s helping me learn how to embrace my wild child!

There are no big insights from my week of quiet and reduced digital time. I got tired of the quiet and decided to get back to writing and connecting with my blog. Neither answers not quiet were forthcoming, so I’m switching gears. Talking with a friend about her process for making decisions, Christi mentioned how pulling back into herself wasn’t working. However, when she opened herself to life and relationships, answers and paths opened up. Christi has great insights for living more authentically, learning to say no and yes appropriately.

Her process resonated with me. My defensive posture of pulling back from life hasn’t worked. So I’m going to keep writing, connecting and allowing life to guide me in the direction of highest good. I’m going to do my best to follow my passions and the voice of love.

Funny how things work. After writing the above, I spent the day with a friend. We had a nice meal, talked, drank a nice dessert wine and watched a marathon session of House of Cards. For perspective, I rarely drink or watch TV, so this was a break in my routines. Later, I delivered a photo to another friend, managed to lose my keys (thankfully there is a spare) and came home. No big news except that I noticed I was wide open, happy and full of life. I had the realization that my inner spirit had a chance to run wild and play yesterday. I was noticing and savoring each little moment, whether a tasty snack, losing my keys or dancing in my room. I felt radically alive and ready to savor each moment.

I can see how I’ve gotten so routine in my life that even the small spontaneities of drinking, playing and dancing broke my spirit free. And let me tell you it felt fantastic. Look out world. I’m ready to live, love and play with zest! Maybe my focus for 2016 will be play and spontaneity. πŸ™‚

Ride that wild pony!


34 thoughts on “Riding the Wild Pony of Spontaneity

  1. Good on you Brad… go wild and your not the only one, I keep bumping into confirmations that now is the time to be action and not so quiet. It’s time to be wide awake and follow your hearts desire. So here’s to our creating 2016… Barbara x

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  2. Well now, this is fucktastic news, my friend! I’m so glad you are back. It does help from time to time to take a step back but life is short, it goes by fast, and if you snooze you lose as they say! So welcome back. Jump up on that pony called life and ride it, my friend. There are dances to dance, songs to sing, poems to write, photos to take, posts to blog, love to be found, friends to meet, joys to celebrate, and who knows what all else! Love and hugs, little Buckaroo!
    πŸ™‚ ❀

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  3. I had so much fun reading this post, Brad! Your energy feels clear and it feels…free! I have the sense that you have loosened the reins, so to speak, and released some of thoughts that tend to hold us back. This is the kind of energy that teaches us how to “let go” and that makes room for new and wonderful experiences!! Love it, Brad!!
    So happy…I feel JOY!! β™‘

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    • Ha, Ha Lorre, – loosened the reins. I might become a cowboy yet with all these fun analogies. Yes, I did release for the moment. Maybe with practice, I can keep letting go and making room for new, playful, alive energies to move in my life. Thanks for sharing your JOY! Ride on! πŸ™‚

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  4. It’s amazing how spontaneity can spur so many emotions that have become buried in the mundane routines of our everyday activities. Taking the leap and making the choice to be spontaneous (safety and legality withstanding) is never a bad idea πŸ˜‰ May your spontaneity spur you on towards many great adventures, Brad πŸ™‚

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  5. Oh I am so pleased you are ‘Riding the Wild Pony’ Brad.. nothing better for the spirit than a little spontaneous frivolity and diversions from the usual routines.. So good to know you are finding your inner smile..
    Keep Laughing and enjoying Brad.. have a Brill weekend.. Love to you.. Sue xx

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