Moonlight Christmas Wishes

Moonlight Christmas WishesChristmas, peace, poetry

The moon’s silvery light

plays quietly in the night

painting a sacred dressing

full of yuletide blessings

a wish upon the north star

for children near and far

a safe and cozy home

with space to roam

a fire in the hearth

and peace on earth


My Christmas wish is that we learn to live in peace on earth. First we must be peace. We are responsible for the dance of light and dark in and around us. Until we embrace it all, duality will keep us distracted in games of conflict. And so, I work to create peace in my heart and compassion for every soul.

Warmest wishes for a peaceful and loving holiday. Merry Christmas, Brad




41 thoughts on “Moonlight Christmas Wishes

  1. Thank you Brad for all the diligent work you do in adding Love, Light and Beauty into the world.. With every thought and word your write you contribute greatly to a Peaceful world..
    Lovely Poem.. and I hope you enjoyed a peaceful Christmas surrounded by those you love..
    Hugs Sue ❤

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  2. I will definitely join you in this wish “a wish upon the north star, for children near and far, a safe and cozy home, with space to roam” Happiness can be found in the most unlikely places, and the thoughts you share here are definitely models for peace and happiness. Take care Brad and happy holidays!

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