Awesome Stories 250

This week Awesome Stories brings you Sweden leadership, getting kids back outside, the Saint of Baylovo, feeding the light and electric buses.

Leave No Child Inside

We have such a brief opportunity to pass on to our children our love for this Earth, and to tell our stories. These are the moments when the world is made whole. – Richard Louv

kids playing, Awesome StoriesThis is a heart-warming movement started in the US to re-connect children with nature called Leave No Child Inside. Diverse groups are coming together to explore and create ways to counter the trend of disconnection with nature. Builders, developers, teachers, conservationists are collaborating on how to bring back the joys of playing in nature for our children and future generations. Builders are adding green spaces and community gardens, teachers are bringing back field trips, and conservation groups are offering support, education and land trusts. Let’s get kids back outside playing and appreciating nature!

Sweden Leads Renewables

This is our opportunity … to change course towards a new development path where we can succeed in generating welfare for all, not at the planet’s cost but in cooperation with it. – Johan Rockström, advisor to Sweden’s Prime Minister.

Sweden wants to be one of the first countries to be free of fossil fuel use. The Swedish government has committed to be fossil fuel free by 2050 and will spend $546 million in 2016 to help develop more renewables. They already produce about two-thirds of their energy from renewables, far better than the one-third from renewables for the US. Thankfully, other countries and states have stepped up to be fossil fuel free including Denmark, Hawaii, Costa Rica and more. Thank you Sweden for showing us a better way.

The Saint of Baylovoselfless giving, Awesome Stories

This is an inspiring story about a man who walks 10k every day to ask for money. The amazing twist, besides being 98 years old and living on 100 USD per month, is his dedication to the spiritual life. He has turned away from the material side of life, lives in a simple church room on 100 USD per month. and all the money he collects is given to local orphanages. So far, he has given away about $50,000 from simple collections on the streets of Sofia, Bulgaria’s Capital. He is called the Saint of Baylovo for his dedication to helping others and living simply.


Electric Buses

I’ve seen info about other electric buses, but these sound really good. They have a longer range, lighter composite body and are quick charging. If Ryan Popple and his company, Proterra, have their way, many more of us will be getting to work on electric buses. I would ride a bus if we had more service and an electric bus would be cool. Public transportation is cheaper for everyone, but we’ve all gotten used to having our own vehicles and independence. Meet the bus that could change public transportation.

Shine Your Light

Here’s another touching article by Rachel Macy Stafford, a mother, teacher and writer with a gift for helping others live purposeful lives. In this one, she talks about how she helped her daughter deal with feelings of hurt and inadequacy. We’ve all had those feelings, especially as children when being different is often a source of rejection and ridicule. Rachel helped her daughter embrace the differences by comparing her to a firefly with an inner light. And she vowed to listen, love and help keep that light shining. We all need parents, teachers, friends and angels who see and feed our lights. Thank you.

May we shine our lights and help others keep theirs burning brightly!


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