Autumn Treasures

Autumn Treasuresautumn, colors, beauty, poetry, spirit


walking on a wooded path

mind and breath slowing down

my senses waking and tingling

grateful for the sights and sounds

peace washes over me

attuned to the present moment

where nature and I harmonize

partners in the dance of life

the creator and the creation

beauty unfolding as presence





30 thoughts on “Autumn Treasures

  1. These are incredible words as they so aptly describe the incredible feel of autumn for me. It is the great harmonious connection and this time of year it seems that “peace washes over me, attuned to the present moment” more than any other time of the year (although in the bleak winter days of Feb., I can get a similar feeling too!). Cheers to a great day Brad.

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  2. Brad.. I have been spammed today, so all comments I leave as Sue Dreamwalker are going into Spam boxes.. seems I was leaving too many comments today LOL.. on various posts.. I didn’t leave any links LOL.. so if you could rescue me and it will help send a message I am not spam.. πŸ™‚ thank you Hugs Sue Dreamwalker

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  3. This is truly one of my favorites, Brad!! The energy of your spirit is so connected to nature and it shows in this wonderfully beautiful, and creative poem!!! And I adore the photo!!! Good luck.. I know you are so busy…keep your heart connected to the energy of this writing! β™‘

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