Awesome Stories 246

This week Awesome Stories brings you fall foliage, paddle boarding, seniors in high school, future cars and super mom.

Fantastic Fall Foliagefall foliage, Awesome Stories

If you want to take a scenic fall road trip, here are 10 of America’s Best Places for Fall Foliage. A cute little town nearby called Eureka Spings is on the list. My personal favorites are the Smokey Mountains and the Rocky Mountains. I love the bright red and orange colors back east, and the glowing yellows of aspen trees in the Rockies. It’s tough to decide with beauty in all directions! I’ve been to Maroon Bells, CO pictured above. Maybe I’ll dig up the photo to share.

Paddling with Whales

This is a short soulful video of a paddle boarder with two whales. They seem to dance in time floating and watching each other. It’s also perfectly paired to John Lennon’s Imagine sung by Jack Johnson. Take a short break to commune with these graceful creatures.

Future Carslow speed EVs, Awesome Stories

Despite the success of Tesla and other high-end electric vehicles, the future of cars is more likely to look like a golf cart. Many people, especially in urban settings, don’t need a fancy car or electric vehicle. There is a large need for vehicles between motorbikes and cars that can transport us safely around town. More and more companies are developing low- speed EVs. They have the advantage of being able to go places cars can’t, often don’t need a license, save money and reduce emissions. I wouldn’t mind using one. How about you?

Senior Success

I love how this high school integrated a senior center in their design. The town of Swampscott, MA decided to integrate the two buildings in order to conserve financial resources. They realized there was a great overlap in facilities needed like the cafeteria, pottery studio and theater. Even better, many positive relationships have formed between the two groups. You can find seniors teaching kids things like knitting and students volunteering at senior activities. Both sides hope to develop more interactions. A win for all!

Super Mom!Finding Your Feet, Awesome Stories

Corrine Hutton doesn’t let much slow her down, including the loss of both feet and hands. In 2013, she lost all four limbs to a virus that infected them while in the hospital for pneumonia. It would have been easy to get lazy and depressed like I did with my financial losses. Instead, Corrine decided to keep busy doing things that make her feel alive. Besides starting an organization to support others who have lost limbs, she climbed a literal mountain and is learning to fly, all while being a single mom to her 6-year-old son! Learn more about Finding Your Feet and Corrine’s inspiring story.


Wow. Next time I complain about my simple challenges, please remind me of Corrine and the power of choice


15 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 246

  1. Yeppers, sometimes it takes a story like that to help us realize how truly blessed we are even as we face difficult trials. Great stories my friend. We actually saw a vehicle similar to that in Paris, but it was more motorcyle than car. And yes, we visiting Eureka Springs once and it is such a charming little town and the scenery is gorgeous. I hope you have a marvelous week, dear Brad. Love and hugs, N 🙂 ❤

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    • Perspective is good to help us see life from a broader and hopefully more compassionate view. I’m glad you enjoyed Eureka Springs. I’m practicing letting go of the worries, aligning with spirit and trusting that things will work out. Thank you Natalie. 🙂

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  2. Wow! Totally inspiring. Makes one (re)believe in the goodness and greatness of humanity as well as relish the stunning beauty of Nature. Warm greetings, Sam 🙂

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  3. Another inspiring post, Brad! The whale video is amazing! And I think integrating the HS and the Senior Center is a brilliant idea! But I’m not quite sure about the car of the future…I’d feel quite unsafe among all the large vehicles and trucks on the roads.

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  4. Just catching up on this week’s Awesome Stories now. Thanks for another great selection, Brad. I loved the fall foliage photos, and the video. 🙂
    Hope all is going smoothly with your upcoming move and that you’re not buried under too many boxes. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

      • I bet! I remember when my house sold in a short sale… I was told it would take forever for the bank to process everything and that I had lots of time to figure out where I was going to live, but they ended up setting a closing date only 3 weeks away. That was a ‘nervous’ time for me, to say the least. 😉
        My thoughts are with you my friend. ❤

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