Awesome Stories 240

This week Awesome Stories brings you landscape beauty, ultrasound therapy, caterpillar magic, Community Cars and mastering irrelevancy.

International Landscape Awardsabstract photography, Awesome Stories

This is a wonderful collection of landscape photos from a competition called the Internation Landscape Photographer of the Year. They received over 2600 submissions from professional and amateur photographers around the world to select the top 101 photos for a book. My favorite is the image above by Thierry Bornier who won The Abstract Award. As his photo demonstrates, the awards are to encourage photographers to go beyond simply recording nature into the realm of imagination and inspiration.

New Alzheimer’s Treatment

Here is a cool new treatment for Alzheimer’s using ultrasound to clear the brain of toxic plaque buildup. Australian researchers found that certain sound frequencies can remove the plaque (in the brain) that interferes with memory and other brain function. The sound stimulates the brain’s microglial cells to activate which then work to remove the damaged plaque cells. The approach has only been tested on rats so far, but with an amazing 75% restored to full memory function and zero damage to other brain cells.

Magic Photos
caterpillars, Awesome Stories

I enjoyed both the beauty of this photo collection and the fun interactive element. The collection shows you a series of caterpillars. When you click on the photo, it transforms into the butterfly or moth it becomes. I actually found the caterpillar images more captivating. They again remind me of the amazing beauty and variety found in nature. May we treasure her gifts.

PS I lost the original article, but here are the same 19 before and after caterpillar transformation photos.

 Mastering Irrelevancy

This idea is somewhat hard to accept and yet, I agree with the author, Peter Bregman. Many of us have enjoyed the limelight of success, family, friends, meaning and purpose. Not that anything is wrong with those, but at some point we might need to embrace not being the center of attention. In fact, old age seems to be asking us to relax, let go of our self-centered ways and embrace a gradual return to nothingness. According to Peter, when we don’t, retirement and aging often bring depression. But if we can embrace this fading importance, then we might just find happiness and freedom. He gives some practical tips to help us find our way.

Community Cars

What a wonderful invention and story. Stacy Zoern, who suffers from muscular atrophy discovered a prototype car for people in wheelchairs. When she contacted the company to buy one, she was told to call back in 4 years! Not satisfied, she decided to raise money and build them herself starting Community Cars in 2010. What makes the Kenguru cars so unique is they are designed and built from the ground up for people in wheelchairs, allowing them to simply open the back hatch and wheel themselves into the vehicle and drive away. Their cars cost about 1/3 the price of converted vans.

May your week be full of beauty, magic and community, while remembering we might not be as important as we think!

Blessings, Brad


22 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 240

  1. Wonderful shares dear Brad.. and I so hope for a new break-through in treatment for Alzheimer’s, such an awful process to go through both for the patient and family.. Both my Inlaws had it.. and at times its heartbreaking. ..
    Have an Awesome Week xxx
    Hugs Sue

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  2. Another great series of inspiring stories (and photos). The International Landscape photos were incredible…easy to get lost in their images. The big one, however is the potential treatment of Alzheimer’s, what a boon that would be for those suffering and their families.

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