Majestic Views

Majestic Views

beauty, awe, poetry, haiku


majestic views stir my soul

regal canyons carved over time

rivers below patiently flowing

colorful clouds floating free

all leaving beautiful trails in my soul

awe whispers in my heart

reclaim your majesty


This is another awe-inspiring photo from Mike Oblinski, photographer and storm chaser. May we look for beauty and listen for the whispers of spirit urging us to see more, be more and do more to share the gifts of life. Clearly Mike is sharing his gift. Thank you Mike!


28 thoughts on “Majestic Views

  1. The hike up is especially challenging, but the age does not matter as much as how fit you are. 😉
    I will be back for sure – I am stubborn that way! Here are my pictures from my January trip to Arizona – these are from Grand Canyon specifically. I also did the helicopter flight over the rim – it was an incredible experience!

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