Summer Storms

Summer Storms

summer storms, poetry

summer storms erupting

thunder and lightning dance across the sky

the skies crackling with energy

winds howling, testing my strength


fear building as my mind races

the path is dark and cloudy

doubts choking my energy

the storm continues to build


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This poem speaks to the emotional storms as I fumble around trying to get my life on track, especially work and finances. I’d like to make better choices, but don’t see the way forward. Maybe I’ll share more, but for now, please send love and prayers. Thanks.



34 thoughts on “Summer Storms

  1. You, my friend, are always in my loving energy. And something about your post and my recent “Oz” post makes me think of the Wizard…telling “Dorothy” that she has had the power all along…and that is what I felt I should say to you!! You have all the wisdom you need…inside of you Brad!! Much love and comfort during this time! β™‘β™‘β™‘

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      • Sorry I did not respond sooner, Brad…I have been having connection issues and I would never want to leave you hanging! I’m sorry you are going through a rough patch…I know that you know that it is up to you to change the energy. It can be hard to do sometimes…believe me I know! And sometimes…we stay in the energy so long that it becomes a cloak we hide behind…I am getting ready to post something that speaks directly to this! Know that there are many beautiful souls here who care about you. I send you beautiful loving energy to wash yourself with and a prayer that things will begin to make sense for you! ❀

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  2. Great words Brad, even as you work through your summer storms yourself. There is always a bit of fear, discouragement within such storms but appreciate them for what they bring: awe inspiring changes. Be strong and believe my friend.

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  3. I know it’s the epitome of clichΓ©, but it bears worth mentioning – Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s learning to dance in the rain πŸ™‚ May peace, love, understanding, and energy make your dance uniquely yours!

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      • Brad your heart shines so bright.. Have you ever thought of having a total change of career. (Not that I know what career that is).. But sometimes a total change of direction brings unexpected dividends.. Speaking of my own personal Career Change from Training officer in Textiles.. to Support worker to help those with learning difficulties :-)..

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