Hello Sweetness

Hello Sweetnesshummingbird, poem, joy

flowers beckoning

wings hovering in the air

sipping sweet nectar


hummingbird visits

awaken blissful feelings

dancing in my heart


Hummingbird photo from Facebook, Guia de Jardinia page.

I’m grateful that hummingbirds are visiting my yard and flowers daily. I tried to capture their joyful dance with my cellphone. Here’s a poor video with one dancing around my flowers and then swings by to take a look at me! Β Oops, WordPress won’t let me upload the video, so you have to use your imagination.  😦


40 thoughts on “Hello Sweetness

  1. Our family loves hummingbirds, the way they do things just a bit differently than everyone else, throw normalcy out the window to do their own thing in their own unique way. Inspiring Brad, thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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