Awesome Stories 234

This week Awesome Stories brings you earth guardians, passion, gift economy, love notes and suspended groceries!

Earth Guardians

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez is a 14-year-old “indigenous, environmental, eco hip hop artist and activist” who wants to change the world. His dedication led to starting Earth Guardians to empower young people to get involved in earth activism. I hope he inspires a revolution of young earth guardians! He’s also been featured on TED Talks. Pretty inspiring for 14 years old.

A Life of Giving

Brice Royer has a remarkable story. He hit bottom after contracting a rare stomach cancer and losing his health, job, home and relationship. Then he started a long healing journey that led to him becoming a champion for the gift economy and simple living. He discovered the joys of living simply, consuming less, giving more and focusing more on relationships. He offers some wise reflections on how our current economy often adds stress and disconnection. Maybe more of us would be happy if we focused on giving and simple living. Thanks Brice!

Suspended Groceriesgiving groceries, Awesome Stories

First of all, I love that a student group at called Kinetic focuses on bringing ideas into meaningful action. As one of their projects at Williams College, students decided to address the issue of food insecurity in their Williamstown, MA community. They created a pay-it-forward program for groceries called Suspended Groceries modeled after the Suspended Coffee movement. They set it up with the local Wild Oats grocery store in what may be the first in the country. Shoppers pick out an item to suspend at the register, pay for it, and the item is “suspended” in their system for others to pick up at no charge. In practice, Wild Oats issues coupons for all the suspended items once a week and gives the coupons to a local food bank that distributes the coupons to people in need. What a great idea!

Passion in the Clouds

Although I’m not a big coffee drinker, this a great story about passion. Both the writer, who is a local coffee cafe owner, and the farmer clearly love what they do. I admire their dedication to craft, quality and preserving nature. Jon, from ONYX Coffee, traveled to Columbia to explore La Palma y El TucΓ‘n coffee farm belonging to Felipe and Elisa Madinan. They bought a farm high in the foggy mountains west of Bogota, Columbia to focus on creating high-quality specialty coffees,Β grown in socially and environmentally responsible ways. ThisΒ FreshCup article gives us a vivid taste of the coffee, passion and dedication this couple has for their coffee and farm. Savor the goodness!

Lunchbox Letterslunchbox letters, Awesome Stories

How would you like to receive a loving, encouraging note every day for a year? I sure would and believe that we thrive with encouragement, but often don’t receive enough. Stephanie Gould decided to write a letter to her daughter every day, to put in her lunch box, as a way to stay connected and support Skylar. Stephanie was a busy executive who didn’t have as much time with her daughter as she wanted so she decided to send a “lunchbox letter” every day. It must have worked. Mom is now President of Chief Supermarket and Skylar earned a masters degree in visual communication using those same notes for her thesis!

May your hearts be full in the giving and receiving of life’s blessings.


29 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 234

  1. Lunchbox letters really hit home for me, Brad. I think this is how my foray into writing fiction began. When my son was away at Boy Scout summer camp last summer, I sent him a letter each day, a new part in a story I had written just for him. It really helped me to gain confidence, and realize just how much joy there was in creating something from nothing and sharing it with others. Thanks for the wonderful trip down memory lane, and thanks for sharing these truly awesome stories!

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  2. Thanks for the Good Word Brad! I loved the Suspended Groceries idea. So simple and easy. And great to see inspired people offering their gifts to the world… I think it’s just that simple… πŸ™‚


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  3. Love Brice’s story! And Jon’s venture through coffee farms in Columbia brought me back to our little trek in the Peruvian coffee-producing hills several years ago. The scenery was picturesque, and the coffee roasted and prepared right in front of our eyes — strong and delicious! Lunchbox letters brought it all home. My mom was an entrepreneur, and I did a great job making us kids her main priority, but I would have treasured having those written memories along the way. Another Happy Sunday — thanks Brad!!

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    • Cool beans my friend. I can always count on your for tales of travel and adventure! Juggling work, family and parenting is a tricky balancing act. As I told Michael, I would love to be offering my gifts. Once I figure out work & income, then some travel would be nice! Happy Adventures Shauna! πŸ™‚


  4. Loved the video Brad and this young man’s outlook on life.. When he said he wanted to help shift the Human Consciousness, not saving the planet, because the planet doesn’t need saving, but we do!!.. An amazing young man. Because the planet will ‘eventually’ put itself right..but our species may not survive if we carry on..
    I also loved the Lunchbox letters, not such a fan of coffee myself either Brad.. And a brilliant idea of paying it forward for those who are in need of essential food..
    I enjoyed my revisit Brad.. πŸ™‚ wishing you a wonderful Weekend.. and your video gave me an idea for a post πŸ™‚ xxx Hugs Sue

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