Awesome Stories 230

This week Awesome Stories brings you sexy dancing, love and forgiveness, a sea symphony, greedy goats, empowering children and net-zero homes.


I have a passion for dance and wish that I had pursued it when I was younger. I dance around my living room, but now it is more of a centering and spiritual routine than something to share. Enjoy this exquisite dance routine!

Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation

I was inspired by the courage and commitment of Scarlett Lewis to turn tragedy into goodness. She recently gave a presentation at our local library since she grew up in the region and still has family here. The death of her youngest son Jesse (in the Sandy Hook School shootings) dramatically changed her life. But from that shocking event, she has learned about the power of choosing love. Scarlett found compassion for her son’s killer and realized that too many children don’t have the life skills they need. Her mission is to help schools teach children emotional and social skills for living. As many others have realized, our fundamental choice is love or fear. The Jesse Lewis Choose Love FoundationΒ promotes love based on gratitude, forgiveness and service to others. By acting on these three principals, we create healing and joy. Way to go Scarlett!

Kitten Lovepet therapy, Awesome Stories

I rarely post animal or kitten videos. However, this is a touching story, along with delightful photos about a girl and her kitten. What touched my heart is how much this kitten has helped Iris deal with her autism. Her mom, Isabella, tried many animals in hopes of soothing Iris, but none helped until Iris met Thula. With Thula’s sweet demeanor, Iris is making progress. One might wonder if Thula has a divine mission. This kitten allows many things that most cats hate like having a harness, getting wet, and riding a bike!

Greedy Goats to the Rescue

This is a fun local story. Fayetteville, AR is now home to a company that uses goats to clear overgrown land. The great part is the goats love to eat invasive species like poison ivy, kudzu, Chinese privet, English ivy and bush honeysuckle. Our city has hired them to clear a park that had a large overgrown area. Greedy Goats; coming to a field near you!

Empowering Children

Kim Feinberg has a passion for helping African children find freedom from poverty. She empowers them with a holistic education through her organization called The Tomorrow Trust. Her organization helps the most vulnerable children in S. Africa, many of whom are poor and have lost parents. The education offers academics, life skills and self-development to help them become self-reliant. Graduates are asked to contribute time and money to The Tomorrow Trust. This helps them complete the cycle of empowerment, learning to be grateful and giving members of society.

Net Zero Building

The idea of building net zero homes and buildings is incredibly attractive to me. I’m wondering why it isn’t being done more in the US, when it is done in Canada and Germany, two much colder climates with higher heating/ cooling energy loads. It’s time for us to step and build more efficient homes and buildings. They save energy, money and are more comfortable to live and work in.

Have a wonderful week filled with love, children, kittens, dance or whatever stirs your heart! Β 


28 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 230

  1. Thanks for the great stories, Brad! I loved the story of Iris and Thula! ❀ Iris' art is quite beautiful too, so amazing. Those net zero homes are pretty cool, I wouldn't mind living in one of those or something similar. πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks Julie. Thula seems like a very special animal. I would love to build and live in a net-zero home too. It’s puzzling to me how much more Canada is doing with net-zero. Maybe due to the harsher climate they are more motivated? Have a wonderful weekend. πŸ™‚

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      • Thula does seem like a very special animal. We had a cat once who liked going swimming with us in our pool, it was so funny since cats are always portrayed as hating water. But I’m starting to think that’s not necessarily true – my cat Sugar likes to come in the bathroom when I’m in the tub and play with the bubbles, and my cat Baby likes to rub on my wet feet after I get out of the shower, so they definitely don’t hate water. Maybe I just have weird cats. πŸ˜‰
        Yeah it is puzzling, hopefully we’ll catch up sooner rather than later.
        Thanks, hope yours is wonderful too! πŸ™‚

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  2. Wow, I’ve never seen dancing like that. They really play with the lines and symmetry. Wish I were so limber. (So…I didn’t know Brad was into sexy dancing.) Very touching stories, B. About the woman who lost her son and the kitty superhero.

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  3. πŸ’ƒπŸΌYay! Another closet dancer…I dance in my hotel rooms all the time in lieu of going to the gym. Sadly, my moves come nowhere close to this lovely pair — but it requires no fancy wardrobe and I can jam to my select Pandora stations to my heart’s content!! :)) As for Thula, I’ve always had cats and truly believe they connect with humans every bit as well as dogs. Love this darling story! Thanks for another informative/entertaining week, Brad!

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  4. Those two dances make it look so effortless.. πŸ™‚ Great co-ordination between them both as well as Rhythm

    That Kitten Love Story… wow.. Such healing is held within an animals Purrrrs πŸ™‚
    Many thanks for all your lovely shares.. Awesome is not the word.. But AWESOME is.. πŸ™‚ .

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  5. You must have visited my newer post first. I thought you were cooking dinner! XD Their dancing really captured my heart, as well as the kitten. Do you have a better word for me Sue. I know the word Awesome is overused, but I seem to be stuck with the name for my stories! Have a “lovely” week. XD


  6. I am always amazed at your wonderful capacity to bring such awesome stories to your blog. The story about the girl and the cat particularly moved me. Thank you for your inspiration and awesomeness Brad πŸ™‚

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  7. Brillant as always, the Net Zero homes was amazing, shame our government has cut subsidies for solar so it’s getting more expensive now. The dance was great too not normally a big fan but that was something special. Thanks

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