Living Compassion

Living Compassion

Happy Belated Birthday to the Dali Lama!

Dali Lama, compassion

Getty Images by Ben Stansall

The Dali Lama, and spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism, celebrated his 80th birthday on Monday at the Global Compassion Summit in southern California. He was joined by numerous celebrities and a crowd of 18,000 supporters!

When I think of compassion and kindness, I think of the Dali Lama. No other person or leader that I know embodies compassion so clearly. The Dalai Lama has been a refugee for five decades, yet is the most recognized worldwide symbol of his Tibetan country. His speeches, books, and most importantly, his actions model compassion. Most of us know his face, his easy laughter and his tireless efforts to bring autonomy for Tibet. The exiled Tibetan community in India has created schools and cultural institutions to educate their children and preserve their language and heritage.

Sadly, little progress has been made with China to return Tibet to autonomous rule. Recently, more and more Tibetans are quietly returning to China, apparently giving up on the idea of independent rule. Meanwhile, the Dali Lama persists in spreading hope and the possibility of a peaceful world in his lifetime.

He has written numerous books including one of my favorites called the Art of Happiness. He is currently writing a book about joy with fellow Nobel Prize winner Desmond Tutu. And best-selling author Daniel Goleman just wrote a book about the Dali Lama called A Force for Good. Here is a wonderful article by Daniel on the importance of acting on our kind wishes.

 It’s not enough to merely feel concern for those who suffer. Convert those feelings into action. Join him in improving the world. ~ Daniel Goleman quoting the Dali Lama

I couldn’t agree more. Many of us want a better world, but don’t take the actions needed to help bring it about, myself included. I frequently write about kindness, compassion and peace, but I’m not sure that is enough. Meaningful change is going to require compassionate action.

Are you willing to step up and join us?


19 thoughts on “Living Compassion

  1. There’s usually a wave of compassion that washes over cities, states, and even continents soon after a major tragedy, but oh how I wish it didn’t take such drastic measures for us to spring into action. Perhaps it’s our lack of trust from being scammed so often that makes us think twice about helping/caring (speaking for myself on this) but we each need to answer that question individually. I know im jaded but still think im compassionate, I simply have to be wise about the causes I support for my own peace of mind. The world certainly needs more love.

    Great post!

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  2. Thanks. Yes, often tragedy stirs the best in us, I think because we are shaken from our stoic routines and mind filters to the realm of heart. At our core, I believe most people are good and want to be of service.
    May we find the courage and trust to love each other more, without waiting for tragedy! 🙂


  3. Wonderful tribute to an incredible soul, Brad! I actually met the Dali Lama when I was very young. I could tell it was a very big deal…but my age and place in life at that time did not allow me to know just HOW important it was. He was incredibly kind to me…I remember bowing to him…he bowed back…and then we both did it a few more times!! Thanks, Brad…hope all is well with you ❤

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  4. Brad.. another well delivered post.. “. Meaningful change is going to require compassionate action.”.. So true.. Helping each other, volunteering .. Just checking on a neighbour.. All great things begin with small things.. And each action can lead to the ripple effect..
    Loved this post.. Wonderful Man.. 🙂

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  5. Wonderful Sue. The Dali Lama is humble, wise, loving and compassionate. Everything I would like to be! And as you mentioned, we all can do little things that often make a nice impact on those we help.
    to compassionate action… 🙂


  6. Could not agree more, “Become that change you want to see in the world” Gandhi one of my favourite quotes. I had the pleasure of seeing the Dali Lama in Australia and what a presents and wisdom.

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