Awesome Stories 229

This week Awesome Stories brings you the benefits of aging, wildlife crossings, book carving, hempcrete and 100 Thank Yous.

100 Thank Yousgratitude, Awesome Stories

This is maybe the most inspiring story I’ve seen in the last year. Lori Portka created a beautiful and unique way to express more gratitude in her life called A 100 Thank Yous. First she created a list of 100 people to whom she wanted to say ‘thank you’. Then she created a personalized painting for each person, along with a great story too! Finally, she held an exhibition to share the art and gratitude in person. Watch the video to hear her inspiring story!

Wildlife Crossings

Washington State has started construction on an extensive system of bridges, overpasses and underpasses to allow wildlife to safely cross I-90 in the Cascade mountains. This is a huge step in allowing wildlife safe movement across their natural territory in the Northwest. This project complements the world’s most extensive network of wildlife crossings on the Trans-Canada Highway in Banff National Park. Additionally, some areas in Europe have some wildlife crossings. Awesome progress.

The Benefits of Aging

This article offers some fun insights and benefits to aging. The author has clearly made peace with death and aging. Suzanne Levine talks about death being a constant companion that stirs her to live with urgency. At the same time, she has lost any need to please others and gained a greater sense of peace, confidence and gratitude in her life. She follows her passions, does only one task at a time and frequently makes spontaneous choices. More importantly, she knows what is important like her friends and makes choices accordingly. Viva la aging!

Book Carvingbook art, Awesome Stories

Brian Dettmer creates art from old books and reference materials. He seals them with varnish, then starts carving away at the pages with an Exacto knife. He adds no color or text, in what he calls “a subtractive sculptural process.” The results are amazing sculptures that explore how we interact with information in a whole new way. I find them visually stunning and would love to see them close up.

Left:  “Absolute Authority” courtesy of the artist and Wexler Gallery. Right: “Totem” courtesy of the artist and MiTO Gallery.

Hempcrete to the Rescue

I’ve written before about hemp and hempcrete. Hemp, an amazing plant, is being reintroduced for its numerous benefits and uses. Plus, it reaches maturity in only 14 weeks! In terms of buildings, hempcrete could revolutionize construction. It is stronger, lightweight, breathable, long lasting and carbon neutral to use! Hempcrete can moderate moisture over time without harm to the material or home. And over time, hempcrete gets stronger as it hardens and pulls CO2 from the atmosphere!

Happy Independence Day! May you know true freedom that comes from within. 


10 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 229

  1. Great stories here ~ the benefits of aging was beautiful, and every day is worth enjoying and living (not an easy concept to understand in our everyday life). And like you I was also very much taken by A Hundred Thank-yous ~ stacks of love there indeed. Enjoy your weekend Brad.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah, how I love reading your weekly heartwarming awesomeness!!! As you can probably guess, Lori’s story was a highlight for me– heck, I’ll be honest — I want to be Lori!!!! If only I could paint!!! What an incredible joy infusing idea. Hmmm, maybe I’ll do something like that with my writing one day. Thank you, as always Dear Brad!! :)))

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Shauna! Oh how I love reading your heart-warming comments. 🙂 I suspect you already are like Lori with your passionate encouragement. You could send people notes of encouragement. I know people would love them. And maybe you could combine them with Mark’s photos for photo notecards?
      Thanks for brightening my day. 🙂


  3. Gosh, I really enjoyed this week’s stories Brad. The 100 Thank Yous story had me in tears, what a lovely, lovely thing, and the book carving is absolutely amazing – creative people like that rock my socks off! I love the Wildlife Crossing too, and I’m a huge fan of hemp. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing these, hope your week is off to a good start!

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  4. Thanks Julie. 🙂 This week’s stories were pretty awesome! XD And I appreciate you reading and sharing your passion. The 100 Thank Yous touched me deeply too. to creativity and inspiration…


  5. Wonderful shares Brad.. And as we age.. was interested in seeing this awesome story.. And the 100 thank you’s what a unique way of saying thank you .. Hemp I agree a wonderful plant and is renown for its many uses, from paper, fabrics and medicine.. I use Hemp protein powder in my Green smoothies.. 🙂 Wonderful source of energy. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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