Rainy Reflections

Rainy Reflectionsrainy reflections

Like much of the mid-west and mid-south, we are having lots of rain. In fact, we’re having record-breaking amounts with many areas flooding, but we are simply very soggy. My garden seems to be enjoying all the rain.

During a break in the rains, I wandered the yard to see what I could photograph. Everything was sparkly with the glow of water, life and freshness. It was like walking through a new mystical land. Here is a sampling of the beauty I found, though some of the gorgeous close-up water bubbles didn’t come out.

Water was standing in many areas of my yard, but I found many fun contrasts and reflections. Enjoy your visit to my backyard water land!

rain photosrain reflectionswet with liferainy reflectionsrainy reflections








40 thoughts on “Rainy Reflections

  1. My kids would take you in hand, all in rain boots and go jump in some puddles and laugh and laugh and laugh. Enjoy the magic of the rain dear Brad💖 nature has so many gifts to offer.

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  2. I have seen several of your photographs before, Brad, but these really stand out and are quite stunning! Works of art, if you ask me 😉 Mother Nature has a keen way of showcasing herself, but it takes a talented eye to compose such beautiful shots. Well done!

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  3. Thank you again for your support and encouragement Dave. I feel the pull of photography. It was my first and probably more natural passion. I love looking, finding and sharing beauty via photography. 🙂


  4. Oh my goodness, we’re having so much rain (an almost every day occurence for the last 4-5 weeks), that I’m thinking it’s time to start building an Ark. Our ground is beyond just wet and soggy, I’ve never seen it like this the soil is just wet mush. It’s just freakin’
    unbelievable. After our horrible drought began years ago, I began praying daily for rain and asking every one I knew to pray for it too, and I’m thinking perhaps I was praying too hard. In all 50+ years I’ve lived here I’ve NEVER seen this much rain, and our temps are well below what they normally are. It’s just phenomenal. Hugs, N 🙂 ❤

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  5. I saw on our TV how the floods are really causing problems in the USA.. my sympathies to all experiencing them.. Your Garden is obviously enjoyed their drink of water and look refreshed and bright for the quenching of their thirst.
    We had floods a couple of years back in the UK.. seems its doing its rounds around the globe.. Hope we do not have to start and build an Ark!… 🙂 While in other parts the heatwave is killing people… Seems we are out of balance.. I wonder Brad when we get ourselves back in balance as a whole race, whether the weather too will also find its own balance again.. I often wonder, in my own little mind Lol.. if we affect the WHOLE then do we then not affect the environment also 🙂 .. Arrgh but too much thinking gives me a head ache.. 🙂 Enjoy a wonderful day, I hope you manage to stay dryer. as you dash between the showers.. and downpours.. ..Blessings.. Sue 🙂

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  6. Oh wow, stunning photos. Loving the detail of the all the water droplets. Even when it rains there is so much beauty for the eyes that see. Blessings, Lisa

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  7. Hi Aunti D, I would be happy to send some of the rain your way. 🙂 The rain has nourished my garden much more than I have. Give yourself credit for nourishing yourself, husband, son, blogging community and probably much more. I want to find and share my gifts. Yours seems to be writing.
    hugs my friend.


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